golestan restaurant

Founded in 2008
A taste of persian food
golestan restaurant
golestan restaurant
Chelo Kabab Koobide
AED 58
Chelo Kabab Soltani
AED 65
Chelo Kabab Barg
AED 52
Chicken kabab boneless
AED 45
Hamoor Fish
AED 46
Chelo Tike Masti
AED 48
Chelo Joje Masti
AED 42
Shish Tawouk With Rice
AED 35
Iranian Traditional Foods
Zereshk Polo ba Morgh
AED 45
Baghali Polo Ba Mahiche
AED 55
Kale Pache
AED 50
khoresht gheime bademjan
AED 45
khoresht ghorme sabzi
AED 45
Khoresht fesenjan
AED 57
golestan restaurant
golestan restaurant
Golestsan restaurant
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We serve food, harmony, and laughter. Making delicious food and providing a wonderful dining experience.

golestan restaurant
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We present delicious and enticing dishes with high-quality ingredients. There is no set protocol for ordering from the menu.

golestan restaurant
golestan restaurant in dubai
golestan restaurant in dubai
Beautiful quiet space
Perfect Dining Experience
We are located in an excellent location in the center of the city, quiet in the middle of the hustle and bustle. Enjoy your meal time in a comfortable environment. We can’t wait to serve you at our restaurant.
golestan restaurant in dubai
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Focus on the inheritance and sharing of iranian cuisine, restore the taste of the ingredients, and explore all kinds of delicious possibilities.