different kinds of Iranian winter soups and ash

April 12, 2023

Winter reminds us of cold days, long nights, family gatherings, warm food and drinks. Eating winter foods is lovely and attractive only in this season, for example, eating Ash Reshteh on hot summer days is less enjoyable than in winter. Usually, in the winter season, people prepare special foods to strengthen their body’s immune system against infectious diseases and also to warm the body.

Iranian winter soups and ash

different kinds of Iranian winter soups and ash

1.Ash Reshteh

One of the most attractive dishes of the winter season, which has a lot of fans, is Ash Reshteh. Ash Reshteh is one of the popular and traditional Iranian dishes, which has a different recipe in every city according to people’s tastes. Due to the variety of beans and vegetables used in it, the Ash Reshteh has a high nutritional value and high fiber content. It is safe to say that most of the vitamins and minerals are present in this traditional soup.


If we want to introduce a warm and nutritious breakfast for cold winter days, adasi is definitely the best option. Adasi is a rich source of antioxidants, iron, protein and fiber that protects the body against many diseases. To increase the nutritional value of adasi, add some mushrooms and potatoes to it and pour oregano and lemon juice over it when serving. In addition to helping iron absorption, vitamin C in lemon will also strengthen the body’s immune system.

3.Barley soup

The barley used in barley soup strengthens the immune system and increases the body’s defense against the attack of microbes and viruses due to its beta-glucan content. The combination of barley with other ingredients used in barley soup, such as carrots, onions, garlic, chicken or red meat, vegetables and spices is a strong and effective combination to maintain body health in the winter season, which frees you from the use of chemical drugs. Therefore, barley soup is recommended as a suitable food for the winter season.

different kinds of Iranian winter soups and ash

4.Khorake Loobia

Pinto beans are one of the types of beans that are used to prepare Khorake Loobia. Considering that in winter and autumn, most people suffer from skin problems such as eczema, dryness, redness, inflammation, and itching, they should eat foods that contain vitamin B. Khorake Loobia is rich in vitamin B because of the pinto beans in it, and it is considered a nutritious and warm food for winter.

5.Ash Shalgham (Turnip Soup)

The combination of turnips with carrots, onions, garlic, barley, herbs and spices gives us a delicious and nutritious soup called turnip soup. You must have heard many times that turnip is mentioned as a natural antibiotic that is very effective in treating colds and other infectious and viral diseases. Considering that colds, flu and other diseases spread in winter; you should serve useful foods for the prevention and treatment of these diseases, of which turnip soup is one of them.

6.Shir berenj

Shir berenj as a simple and cheap food that is rich in micronutrients is the most suitable option for cold winter days. Many people serve the Shir berenj with honey or grape juice. Another advantage of this winter food is the short time it takes to prepare it.

different kinds of Iranian winter soups and ash

7.Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup is rich in various vitamins due to the presence of pumpkin, which plays an effective role in treating colds and strengthening the immune system. As you know, pumpkin is one of the fruits of winter and autumn, which is used in the preparation of desserts, pastries, soups, cakes, ash and khoresh due to its good taste. Pumpkin soup is one of the warm winter foods that has many fans.

8.Tarkhine soup

Tarkhineh is a food suitable for winter and is rich in natural antibiotics, which has a great effect on the prevention and treatment of colds and flu that are prevalent in the cold seasons of the year. Tarkhineh is made from a combination of wheat semolina and fermented buttermilk, which also has a pleasant taste. It is better to add ingredients such as lentils, white beans, chickpeas, turmeric, onion and oregano to prepare Tarkhineh soup and increase its nutritional value. Tarkhineh soup or ash is one of the most consumed winter foods in Iran.

different kinds of Iranian winter soups and ash

9.Ash gandom

Ash gandom is a winter food that has a unique taste. To prepare this suitable food for winter, you need wheat flour, peas, beans, onions, spinach and spices of your choice. Ash gandom is a strong antibiotic for the body in winter.

10.Potato and pepper soup

A delicious soup for bell pepper fans and of course for those who find the red color of the soup exciting. Also, this soup is nutritious and effective for those who are trying to lose weight. Don’t forget that pepper is rich in vitamins C and B.

different kinds of Iranian winter soups and ash

11.Vegetable soup

It is a mixed soup of broccoli and other vegetables. Broccoli is one of the vegetables that have a direct effect on the intestines. Broccoli also has anti-cancer properties. Don’t doubt that the combination of celery and broccoli will give your soup a special aroma that everyone will enjoy eating it.

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different kinds of Iranian winter soups and ash

12.Soup-e Laboo

The name Laboo, unconsciously, creates a beautiful purple color in our minds, now you can easily see this wonderful color in your soup. Laboo is known for its many benefits, including reducing toothache and headaches. Include it in your children’s meals so that they don’t suffer from teething pain. This is one of the good soups for cold autumn and winter days.

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