Best Appetizers in Golestan Restaurant

ژانویه 2, 2023

Best Appetizers in Golestan Restaurant

Golestan restaurant provides its customers with incredibly delicious and various appetizers.

1.Soup of the day

The soup of the day is a regular daily soup that is served in different restaurants and cafes. But the ingredients and cooking method of this soup are different from restaurant to restaurant. Whereas some restaurants have a specific recipe for their soups of the day, others don’t have any specific pattern. This is one of the best appetizers that you can taste in Golestan restaurant.

Best Appetizers in Golestan Restaurant

2. Mast-o-Khiar

Mast-o-Khiar is a mix of yogurt, grated cucumber, dill, garlic, etc., which many eat with lots of their meals. This appetizer is one of the essential foods of the Greek table, which is accessible everywhere and is great to serve with meat, vegetables, pita bread or even alone. This is one of the best appetizers that you can enjoy in Golestan restaurant.

3.Shallot Yogurt Dip

This Persian shallot yogurt dip is wonderful, tasty, and unique! It is a simple and great appetizer to begin your meal as well as a wonderful side dish to eat with your main dishes. Typically, this yogurt dip is eaten with kebabs, rice, and other Persian foods. Mast-O Musir is a delicious Persian yogurt dip produced from dried shallots and yogurt. Mast-O Musir consists of “mast” which means yogurt and “musir” which is equivalent to (shallots). You can enjoy this appetizer as one of the best appetizers of Golestan restaurant.

Best Appetizers in Golestan Restaurant

4.Mirza Ghassemi

Mirza Ghassemi is one of the delicious and popular dishes of Iran, whose origin belongs to the northern provinces of the country. This tasty food is prepared with grilled eggplant and garlic, and because of this, it has a smoky flavor. But the history of Mirza Ghassemi, which was invented by Mohammad Qasim Khan Vali, spread during the time of Naseruddin Shah, and his name was also chosen for this dish. Mirza Ghassemi is mostly eaten with rice in Gilan and other cities, but it is also very delicious with fresh bread. This delicious dish can be prepared and served as an appetizer at parties or as a meal.

The main and most important foodstuff in the traditional and delicious Mirza Ghassemi of Gilani is grilled eggplant and its abundant garlic. Of course, tomatoes are not ineffective in the taste of this dish! Mirza Ghassemi is very popular like the Kashk Bademjan. It is very easy to prepare this delicious and excellent food. You can use an egg to decorate Mirza Ghassemi. You can fry the egg in oil and then put it on Mirza Ghassemi and decorate it in any way you like. Each person may have his own preparation method for preparing Mirza Ghassemi. Some people break the egg directly into the tomato and eggplant mixture and stir.


Hummus is a tasty dip produced from chickpeas, tahini, lemon, and spices. It’s usually served in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Tahini is basic, as are garlic and lemon. But this dip is also adaptable: cumin and pimentón are non-obligatory, as, again, are herbs or blends such as za’atar. In order to have the best, most delicious hummus, it is necessary to pay attention to the order in which you want to mix ingredients. Really, it’s that simple.

Fried Fries is the Best Appetizers in Golestan Restaurant

6.Fried Fries

Fried Fries is one of the tasty and modern appetizers that are mostly eaten with fast food. Of course, you can utilize this delicious appetizer along with traditional foods.

7.Preserved olive

Preserved olives are one of the most delicious and popular Iranian condiments, whose origin belongs to the northern provinces of the country. This delicious seasoning is prepared in different cities of the country with various ingredients. The main ingredient of preserved olives is olives, which are cultivated in areas with special climatic conditions such as northern Iran. Olives are among the plants that are useful for everyone of all ages, and by consuming them, you can ensure health and well-being, in addition, olive is very popular in the form of seeds and its oil is also very popular and can be used in cooking food or salad. This oil has a low level of cholesterol; therefore, olive oil is the best choice for people with heart disease or people who are on a diet.

Moutabal is the Best Appetizers in Golestan Restaurant

8. Moutabal

This vegetarian Arabic dish, is very simple and quick. Moutabal is a very delicious Lebanese dish. This dish is made with eggplant and is often served as an appetizer or light dinner. You can also use this appetizer at your parties, because it is simple and delicious, and you can prepare a very attractive appetizer for your guests by spending a little time. To make this dish more delicious, it is good to use fresh ingredients.

9.Kashk Bademjan

Kashk Bademjan is one of the original and old Iranian dishes, which is known as a very delicious side dish. This delicious dish is made from eggplant, curd, onion and garlic and is served with bread. The origin of is Kashk Bademjan in Isfahan and Zanjan. It is believed that to prepare Kashk Bademjan, it is better to use eggplant with dark and shiny skin so that in the end it will have quality Kashk Bademjan

One of the most important things in how to prepare Kashk Bademjan is how to use curd in this dish. One method is to dissolve the curd in some water to dilute it a little. Then put it in a suitable container and boil it on low heat. This action kills the possible bacteria in it. It doesn’t matter whether your curd is pasteurized and homogenized or prepared locally and traditionally. In this method, devote 15 to 20 minutes to boiling curd.

The second method is to dilute the curd with water and add it after the fried or grilled eggplants are cooked so that they can be mixed with the eggplant and other ingredients in the final stages. The third method is to grill the eggplants and put them in a pot. Instead of pouring water on the eggplants to cook them, mix the curd with water and add it to the eggplants so that the eggplants and the curds cook well together and get the flavor of each other. The fourth and most common method is to dilute the curd and serve it with Kashk Bademjan.

Baba Ghanoush is the Best Appetizers in Golestan Restaurant

10. Baba Ghanoush

Babaghnoush is one of the famous and traditional dishes of Lebanon, which has a special place among people because of its good taste. The taste of this dish is similar to the taste of Iranian Mirza Ghassemi because grilled eggplant is used in it. Baba Ghanoush or Baba Ganoush is one of the most popular appetizers, which, in addition to its good taste, is also very nutritious. This dish is very popular in the Middle East and is very similar to Hummus.

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