best salads in Golestan Restaurant 2023

دسامبر 31, 2022

1.Grilled Caesar Salad

Caesar salad is a dominant part of restaurant menus since it is a very popular and easy salad. A mix of crisp chopped greens turned in a creamy dressing is a classic one. To add to the delicious taste of this salad, the lettuce is grilled to contain a touch of char flavor. It’s significant to make use of wholesome kinds of lettuce such as romaine for this recipe. The strong structure facilitates it to burn on the grill. This salad is wonderful to make during the summer when you want to prepare every meal outdoors.  Grilled Caesar Salad is one of the best salads that you can serve in Golestan restaurant.

best salads in Golestan Restaurant

2.Fattoush Salad

Fattoush is basically a bread salad, that is believed to have come from Northern Lebanon.  Lebanese agriculturists would fry the remaining pita scraps in a little bit of olive oil for additional flavor. And to make their fattoush, they’d just throw the pita chips in with whatever available vegetables and plants they have access to. For this reason, the ingredient list for fattoush may differ. And you will definitely come across various versions of fattoush all across the Middle East. Fattoush Salad is one of the best salads that you can serve in Golestan restaurant.

If you want to order a fattoush salad at a local restaurant, you will probably find these ingredients: cucumbers, tomatoes, purslane leaves (or lettuce), radish, and green onions, fresh plants such as parsley or mint, or both. A simple spicy vinaigrette and an abundance of sumac spice give fattoush its uniquely amazing flavor. But the distinctive taste is in the vigorous, herbaceous dressing with a dash of sumac that creates a bit of tart fruitiness to make less strong the sweet taste of the dressing’s pomegranate molasses. The crisp pita bread submerges in the vibrant dressing for yet another layer of texture you’ll desire over and over again.

best salads in Golestan Restaurant

3.Greek Salad

This traditional Greek salad which is also known as horiatiki, is prepared with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives, thinly chopped red onion, and feta. The simple dressing is a combination of red wine vinegar, fresh lemon juice, dried oregano, and olive oil. It is a wonderful salad. Particularly taking into account that this Mediterranean side dish will be ready in 15 minutes. This traditional Greek salad is the best example of how Greek cuisine makes use of the simplest ingredients and with the least endeavor converts them into delicious foods! The simplicity of a traditional Greek salad also is hidden in the dressing. A lot of Greek salad recipes make use of ready dressings consisting of different herbs and seasonings. Of course, it is a good idea, but if you would like a more genuine taste, then keep the dressing simple and gorgeous.

Shirazi Salad in Golestan Restaurant

4.Shirazi Salad

This Mediterranean Shirazi salad is one of the most popular, quickest, simplest and easiest to make! It completes so many foods and makes your meals colorful and tasty. You can prepare it with very simple ingredients in just 15 minutes. Shirazi salad or salad-e Shirazi is a traditional salad that is made with cucumber and tomato that originates from Shiraz; a city located in the South West of Iran.

Its flavor is very similar to Greek salad, but it’s naturally vegan since there is no feta or any other cheese added to it. The dressing is so easy and could be simply prepared! It consists of extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice flavored with a pinch of salt and ground black pepper. Typically, sour grape juice (ab-ghooreh) is utilized in the dressing, but if you could not find it, you can replace it with lemon or lime juice. In regard to herbs, Shirazi salad is very famous for making use of dried and crushed mint leaves. Dried mint has a distinct flavor, and is usually employed in Middle Eastern cuisine. This is one of the best salads that you can ever taste.

Coleslaw Salad in Golestan Restaurant

5.Coleslaw Salad

Coleslaw is available in many different recipes that do not vary far from the original recipe. The main ingredients consist of mayonnaise, cabbage, carrots, vinegar, sugar, salt and onions. Although coleslaw’s distinctive flavor is its tart, acidic taste, you can change taste with the kinds of ingredients you select. Regular mayonnaise, for example, has been substituted by light mayonnaise over the years chiefly due to health reasons. Still, the previous one has a stronger taste than the latter but with more calories and fat. Hence, if the taste is important to you, regular mayo is suggestible. If you’re worried about health, light mayonnaise is recommendable.

Aside from mayonnaise, chefs believe that coleslaw prepared with brown sugar varies from the version that utilizes white sugar. Some would rather red cabbage than green, and others add milk to get rid of the strong taste of vinegar. Your section of ingredients finally is dependent on how strong and healthy you want your coleslaw to be.

So what makes ordinary coleslaw distinct from an amazing one? They may be different in spices, ingredients or quantities.  Salad at first look, seems a connected-with-cooking work very simple to accomplish, but in fact, this is not the case. A great salad must be made with a combination of two important elements: balance and moderation. A little more of one or another ingredient and the salad can change it into an awful event. When prepared with precision to detail and culinary knack, salad can be actual cooking art.

Special Italian Saladbest salads in Golestan Restaurant

6.Special Italian Salad

It does not matter what ingredients are used, a tasty salad should be an equal combination of several main tastes and textures. A salad does not unavoidably consist of a long list of ingredients, but it is great if it is various. There must be 3-4 various textures and tastes in a balanced way. If you can cut ingredients into small pieces, you can prepare this delicious salad. Italian special salad is spicy, fresh, and tasty and you love it. This salad can be prepared rapidly and easily, making it a good choice when you do not have much time but need a great taste.

The lettuce and tomatoes make the salad lighter, therefore it isn’t very heavy. Red onion and pepperoncini make it that traditional Italian spicy food. And the black olives make it tasty. Cutting everything in this Italian salad into small pieces makes it really easy to eat and guarantees every piece gets a good amount of that really delicious dressing. You have to prepare this salad, it’s so wonderful!

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