famous international dishes in Dubai

دسامبر 30, 2022

Famous international dishes in Dubai

The people of Dubai have great respect for their past and food is regarded as a significant part of their legacy. Although Dubai is now one of the most developed cities in the world, many of its people are still linked to their traditional food and lifestyle. Here are the famous international dishes in Dubai that you must test if you travel to this city. Modern and international foods are very popular with the people of Dubai along with traditional foods

Barata and Shai Karak is famous international dishes in Dubai

1. Barata and Shai Karak

You can’t travel to Dubai without drinking a Shai Karak and Barata in a cafe. Shai karak is tea. It originally comes from India, where it’s known as Masala Chai, karak is well-known for its distinctive and strong taste. It is different from Masala Chai in that it possesses seasoning and makes use of strong black tea along with milk and sugar. It is so favorite; you won’t have forgotten karak if you’ve visited anywhere around the Gulf.

It is an inseparable part of the region’s daily life. Instead of stopping at a Starbucks or Costa for coffee, people would rather stop at a cafe for a karak. It is affordable too, and for a little more, you can have a barata, providing you with the complete breakfast experience. Barata is a delicious Indian bread that is delectable enough on its own. But for a more distinctive sense, eat it with cream cheese and chips.

Famous international dishes in Dubai

2. Manakish

This snack comes originally from Lebanon and people take pleasure in it throughout the Middle East as one of the famous international dishes. This flat bread is filled with cheese and prepared in a huge oven. It can also be eaten with cheese on top and thyme, or a combination of thyme and olive oil, meat and hot sauce. It’s a delicious breakfast dish and makes a great combination with karak.

Famous international dishes in Dubai


This is a well-known Indian snack. It is made up of layers of thin pastry filled with various types of meat, vegetables, and foreign spices. It’s a very favorite dish in Dubai and throughout Asia.


Falafel is a chickpea patty that is completely fried. You will never get tired of falafel as it’s so adaptable, but it is typically served with hummus and vegetables covered in thin flat bread. A light snack and it’s great for vegetarians.

Dynamite Shrimp famous international dishes in Dubai

5.Dynamite Shrimp

Immediately after P. F. Chang presented this plate to the public, it became very popular with people. It is easily accessible on street dish stalls and in lavish restaurants. It’s a Japanese innovation comprising a tasty, strong combination of mayonnaise and sriracha sauce. It is often used with traditional foods.


Mehalabiya is regarded as a very healthy dessert. It’s not too sugary and is energetic and light on the stomach. It is also very favorite among children. It’s primarily a milk pudding comprising rice, sugar, rice flour, and milk.

Um Ali is famous international dishes in Dubai

7.Um Ali

This dish is usually served at weddings. It is an elegant milk dessert that is made up of pastry, milk, cream, and nuts served warm. It comes originally from Egypt, but it’s very well-known around Dubai, particularly in winter and on cold nights.

8.Chelo Kebab – A Heavenly Taste

For the most delicious dish in Dubai, opt for Chelo Kebab. Odorous saffron-scented basmati rice presented with a piece of butter on kebabs – Chelo Kebab is another famous dish in the list of famous international dishes in Dubai. You must test this extremely delicious non-vegetarian Dubai food. It is highly enjoyable and unbelievably delectable.

Kousa Mahshi is famous international dishes in Dubai

9.Kousa Mahshi

Kousa Mahshi is one of the tastiest dishes on the list of famous international dishes in Dubai. Served as a main course, it is zucchini filled with rice. Its highly pleasing taste has also assisted it in making the list of ‘Dubai international dishes. This dish has gotten excellent reviews. Some people believe that this food is the best in the world. Continue and decide for yourself! This is a food which you must try in Dubai.

10.Shirin Polo

Thick, brittle crust and the great sweet decorations are leading factors for the popularity of this food. Shirin Polo is made up of basmati rice with carrots, currants, raisins, chicken, and nuts. If you are searching for Dubai’s strength in vegetarianism, this is a good choice! There is no doubt that you’ll be extremely pleased with your dining experience. It is one of the significant foods in Dubai cuisine.

Baba Ganoush is famous international dishes in Dubai

11.Baba Ganoush

A tasty dip produced from smoked eggplant combined with onions, tomatoes, and olive oil. This Levantine dish is a wonderful appetizer and has simply moved into the list of international foods in Dubai. You will be extremely grateful after eating delectable food. If you can’t find this food simply, the locals are more than eager to assist you in the directions to a place that has this food on its menu. Don’t forget to eat this Dubai distinctive food while traveling to Dubai on your next vacation!


Fattoush is a great pleasure to all fitness and health fans providing them with a perfect taste without obtaining those additional pounds. It is a Levantine bread salad produced utilizing toasted or fried pieces of pita bread. Included among Dubai’s international foods, this is something that will be great for your taste and health. You’ll be surprised at how tasty this toasted food is! This is amongst the tastiest Dubai famous international dishes for Asians.

Madrouba is famous international dishes in Dubai


One of the most delicious dishes in Dubai, it is simultaneously a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian dish. It is presented with either meat or chicken and prepared with different ingredients such as onion, tomatoes, garlic, and more. It is easily digestible and you can find it simply too.

14.Lahem Bl Ajin

The second dish that rushes to mind when considering street dishes is Lahem Bl Ajin. It is wonderful in town. It is better to know it as the Arab Pizza, Lahem Bl Ajin is astonishing Lebanese flatbread pie with tasty ground meat toppings. People, who have a willingness for tasty food, consider this food as one of the best dishes in Dubai.


If you are still searching for great international food in Dubai, Mahalabiya is a popular dish among people with a sweet tooth. It is a pudding covered with rosewater and pistachios. It is typically presented cold. Heating it will alter the taste of the dish quickly and it will be deprived of its rich taste. Don’t request the server to heat this food. Every server will tell you precisely the same thing.

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