Iranian caviar : one of the best foods in the world

فوریه 1, 2023

Iranian caviar is one of the most expensive foods in the world

Caviar is an extremely tasty salted roe of sturgeon which is very popular around the world.  Iranian caviar is one of the most expensive foods in the world, which is mainly eaten as a garnish besides fish. There is a wide range of caviar all around the world. Still, Iranian caviar is one of the best and most expensive caviar in the world.

What is caviar?

What is caviar?

Sturgeon is a name which is given to the 27 species of fish which do belong to the family of Acipenseridae. Sturgeon chiefly reside in big, freshwaters such as lakes and rivers. Still, there are several species that prefer to live in the ocean and they will come back to rivers and lakes for reproduction. In fact, there are many different kinds of caviar that can be classified according to the species of sturgeon fish. Sturgeon fish consists of many different species such as Osetra, kaluga, Beluga, Sterlet, Hackle back, Sevruga, Siberian sturgeon, green sturgeon as well as white sturgeon. As a result, caviar is available in many different types. But when you want to choose the best and most expensive caviar in the world, Iranian caviar is unrivaled.

Caviar health advantages

Caviar health advantages

Caviar is available in many different tastes and looks. It has also many different colors— red and black are dominant — and sizes. Each one of these caviars has unique and special features which differentiate it from others.  Irrespective of its size, color and taste features, caviar provides many different health advantages.

1.A vitamin B12 boost

Caviar is rich in vitamin B12, which plays an important role in the body’s functioning naturally. Caviar includes roughly 236% of the suggested daily value. Not only does vitamin B12 contribute to removing tiredness and weakness, but it also assists in generating protein, red blood cells and nerve cells — and also helps the split of fats and carbs.

Iranian caviar

2.Rich in good fat

Furthermore, caviar is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These amazing fats enhance your mood and memory (in addition they also contribute to protecting your brain cells) and are essential parts of a healthy pregnancy, maternal nourishment and baby growth. It is a wrong belief that if something is high in fat, it’s not healthy since fat releases more calories than proteins and carbs. Most people also believe that caviar is not good for you since it’s rich in fat. Still, our body must absorb almost 25% to 35% fat every day — and caviar is a wonderful food to eat great fat twice a week if it is possible for you.

3.Useful for skin health

It is believed that caviar is also usually used in cosmetic products, particularly those that are expensive anti-aging skin substances. These products are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids; which studies have proven their positive effects in protecting skin from damage. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A and E, can also prevent or improve specific skin conditions. Eating caviar constantly can help fight dermatitis, scaly skin and rough skin which are very annoying conditions.

4.Reinforce immunity

Caviar is also rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A, all of which can help reinforce your immunity. Your micronutrients are as significant as your macronutrients. Dietitians support a healthy diet, and that people are absorbing all of the health advantages when they’re consuming food.

5.A rich source of calcium

Caviar is highly rich in zinc, magnesium, iron and calcium. Calcium’s role is very significant. If someone suffers from a lactose allergy or cannot eat dairy, caviar provides a good opportunity for them to absorb calcium in their system. Calcium plays an important role in long-term bone health. Arthritis and osteoporosis can be usually found among old people, so it’s very significant to concentrate on eating calcium and vitamin D early on when we’re still young. If it is possible you include caviar in your daily diet in order to get enough calcium that your body needs.

The different kinds of Iranian caviar

The different kinds of Iranian caviar

Almost most of the world’s caviar production is carried out in Iran and Iran is one of the leading producers and exporters of caviar in the world. Iranian caviar is also the most expensive caviar in the whole world. There are different kinds of Iranian caviar which are listed below.

1.Iranian Beluga Caviar

This is the most expensive kind of Iranian caviar. It has big buttery gray pearls. Iranian Beluga caviar is taken from Iranian Beluga.

2.Elephant Fish

Another amazing Iranian caviar is also from Beluga. The sturgeon family includes many different members while Beluga is the biggest one. They are called elephant fish because of their big eggs. The lightest color is the most preferable one. Hence, ensure you purchase the bright ones. The other name for the elephant fish is royal caviar.

Iranian caviar : one of the best foods in the world

3.Iranian Ossetra Caviar

This is the most delicious caviar in the world which is chiefly produced in Iran. Unlike Beluga, Ossetra does not have big eggs, and the flavor of its eggs can vary according to what the fish has been consuming.

4.Iranian Sevruga Caviar

This caviar has a more rapid breeding cycle. Thus, more eggs can be taken from Sevruga. It has a crispy surface and has the strongest taste. If you want to get the most affordable caviar, buy Sevruga.

5.Iranian Karaburun Caviar

Most members of the sturgeon family prefer to live in waters that are free from pollution. Karaburun is also one of these species. The promising and positive point about this caviar is that this type of sturgeon is not in danger of extinction. This is very good news since the next generations can also benefit from this wonderful fish. The karaburun caviar has a very delicious taste.

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