Iranian halva recipe

فوریه 2, 2023

One of the delicious foods made with wheat flour is halva, which is also consumed as a dessert. Halva has been one of the desserts that has been used as a main dish in the past, Halva has had a special place in most ceremonies. However, you must pay attention to this point that halva can be served as one of the easiest desserts, as well as the most delicious and popular desserts, and that is why most people like it. Therefore, the important point for this type of dessert is that wheat flour is important in its cooking and it is one of the main ingredients that should be used in cooking halva.

The benefit of halva for the immune system is great, and wheat flour is one of the important points that are used in cooking halva, and without the use of wheat flour, you cannot make a delicious dessert like halva.

Halva recipe: step by step

Halva recipe: step by step

The first step

The first stage in cooking halva is to make nectar or halva syrup. To do this, put an appropriate pot on high heat, then pour two glasses of water into the pot. Next, add sugar along with cardamom powder and rose water to the water and let the water boil.

The second step

At this stage, after the water boils, stir the sugar well until it dissolves completely in the water, then reduce the heat under the pot and add the saffron to the syrup and allow the syrup to reach a sufficient consistency and thickness.

Iranian halva recipe

The third step

At this stage, sift the flour two to three times with a fine sieve until it is completely smooth and soft. Next, place a suitable pan on very low heat and pour liquid oil into it and let the liquid oil heat up completely over time.

The fourth step

While the liquid oil is heating, put another pan on the heat and add the sifted flour to it. At this stage, you should fry the flour well until its color becomes a little creamy. You have to stir the flour continuously so that it does not burn because the flour will burn very quickly if it is not roasted on the heat.

Iranian halva

The fifth step

After the color of the flour becomes creamy, add the hot liquid oil to the flour and mix the ingredients well until the flour becomes a dry paste. Next, add the hot syrup to the liquid oil and flour mixture.

The sixth step

Note that you should add the syrup little by little and mix the ingredients at the same time. At this stage, the halva is almost ready, mix it a little on low heat until it releases oil and becomes shiny, then put it in the container you want and decorate it with ingredients such as almond slices, pistachio slices, and coconut powder.

How to prepare saffron halva

If you want the color of your halva to be saffron yellow, you should not over-fry the flour so that the color of the flour does not become very dark, because the more you fry the flour, the color of the halva will be darker and browner at the end of cooking. In addition, in order for your halva to take on the color and aroma of saffron completely, it is better to use two to three tablespoons of saffron instead of one tablespoon of saffron, so that in addition to the golden color, you will also enjoy the aroma of saffron in your halva.

How to prepare saffron halva

Dark and brown halva

If you like the color of your halva to be dark and brown at the end of cooking, you can use ingredients such as cocoa powder or chocolate bars. Of course, when frying the flour, you should also fry the flour well so that its color becomes a little darker. Of course, be careful not to burn the flour because it spoils the taste of halva. When mixing liquid oil and flour, add some melted chocolate or cocoa powder to your halva, this will make your halva take on a chocolate color at the end of cooking.

Bicolor halva

If you want your halva to be bicolor, you should halve the halva ingredients and make them separately. Make one halva with chocolate and another with saffron. Then decorate both of them as desired.

Diet halva

If you want your halva to be healthier, you can change some ingredients of halva. Normally, sugar is used to prepare halva, you can use honey or date juice instead of sugar to have a lower-calorie halva. Instead of liquid oil, use healthier oils such as olive oil.



1.Rosewater and saffron

Two ingredients that can be used in halva are rose water and saffron. Rose water is very effective for having a good aroma and for creating a lot of relaxation for the body. Apart from the fact that saffron will give a very good color to halva, saffron also has many benefits for the body. Saffron creates vitality and energy for the body, and when the body is under a lot of stress or has endured a lot of nervous pressure, using saffron can be therapeutic and effective.


Wheat flour can be used in different ways. For example, wheat flour can be used to make a delicious dessert such as halva, which contains both the properties of wheat and the properties of other ingredients used in it.


Sugar is also necessary for preparing delicious halva according to your taste.

4.Cardamom powder

Cardamom powder is used in most foods, which gives a very good taste and aroma to the foods. Also, cardamom powder is used to decorate sweets, halva, shole zard, cakes and all kinds of desserts.


You can use solid or liquid oil in preparing halva, but experience has shown that an equal combination of solid and liquid oil is a better choice. If you like the flavor of butter, you can replace half of the solid oil with butter.

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