the most popular Iranian foods

فوریه 2, 2023

Most tourists and visitors who come to Iran will encounter many popular Iranian foods which are very delicious and they can indulge in many different tasty flavors. Since each one of the cities of Iran has specific foods, there are many different delicious foods in this country. The combination and existence of many different cooking styles give tourists and visitors this opportunity to taste many different delicious foods based on their personal tastes and preferences. Although each city and province has some specific foods, there are still some foods that are served almost in all the cities of Iran that are highly popular. Some of the most popular Iranian foods are listed below:

the most popular Iranian foods

1.Kebab (available in many different types and tastes)

Kebab which can be found in many different types and tastes is one of the most popular Iranian foods. The diversity of Kebab in Iran is really unbelievable. One of the most popular types of kebab is Kebab Koobideh, whose ingredients are meat, chopped onion, salt, and pepper. It has a very easy recipe but it has an amazing taste. Kebab Barg is another kind of kebab whose main ingredient is lamb or calf meat. To season it, you can add saffron and butter to it before soaking it in a combination of lemon and onions. Joojeh kebab is a very popular type of kebab and its main ingredient is barbecued chicken with bones. To flavor it, it is usually soaked in lemon and onions and filled with saffron and butter. Although these are the most popular types of kebabs, there are some other types that are very delicious.

Morasa polo in dubai

2.Morasa polo

Although some people consider kebab the most popular Iranian food, there are some other popular Iranian foods. Morasa polo is one of those popular foods. It is a type of rice with small pieces of fruit and all types of seeds and nuts which give it a very beautiful look. This sweet and delicious food is made with many different Iranian seeds, nuts, and fruits including pistachios, almonds, sweet orange peel, and barberry. Saffron which is used in many other Iranian foods is also used in this food. This food is cooked for special events. This food is usually served at wedding ceremonies as a sign of an auspicious future for the bride and groom.

the most popular Iranian foods

3.Ghorme Sabzi

If you want to know the list of the most popular Iranian foods, there is no doubt that you should include Ghorme Sabzi in that list. It is a highly delicious Iranian food that is known by some Iranian people as the most popular Iranian food which they prefer to kebab. It is one of the simplest yet most delicious Iranian foods which makes it distinct from other culinary cultures. The main ingredients of this food are vegetables, red beans, and pieces of lamb meat as well as aromatic herbs. Dried lemon gives this food a very wonderful taste and odor. Fenugreek is one of the vegetables which is utilized in Ghorme Sabzi. Other vegetables are parsley, coriander, and onion.

 Khoresht-e fesenjan in GOLESTAN RESTAURANT

4.Khoresht-e fesenjan

This incredibly delicious food which is highly popular among Iranian people forms an important part of every Iranian wedding menu. Khoresht-e fesenjan is usually prepared with duck, but chicken or lamb can also be used. In the northern cities of Iran, it is sometimes prepared with fish. It is a very easy recipe to make, but it is better to cook it slowly to let the flavors develop in the sauce. It should be thick and creamy and its color should be relatively black. The ground walnuts with pomegranate syrup give it a unique taste.

the most popular Iranian foods

5.Zereshk polo

Zereshk polo is certainly one of the most popular Iranian foods. The sour taste of zereshk along with the eye-catching color of saffron and the delicious taste of rice makes it one of the most delicious yet easy food to cook. Zereshk polo is served at weddings and other occasions since it is amazing and very popular among Iranian people. It is typically prepared with chicken, but it can also be made with Saffron yogurt lamb.

popular Iranian foods

6.Sabzi polo

Sabzi polo is one of the most popular Iranian foods that is typically served during the Iranian New Year (Norouz).  This food is usually served with fresh fish which is easily accessible in all the cities.  In the northern cities of Iran, it is soaked in lemon juice and saffron and fried. It is a very delicious dish that has many fans.

Khoresht e gheimeh

7.Khoresht-e gheimeh

Khoresht-e gheimeh is is one of the most popular and delicious Iranian foods whose main ingredients are tiny pieces of beef or lamb, split peas, tomato paste, and dried lime. This delicious Khoresht is typically eaten with crunchy fried potato and Persian rice. Since this food is rich in spices such as saffron, cinnamon, and turmeric, it is highly delicious. Of course, Khoresht-e gheimeh is a food that is cooked in almost all cities of Iran and each one cook this food in a specific way and usually uses different ingredients.

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Tahchin is one of the most delicious and popular Iranian foods that is made with rice, yogurt, saffron, egg, and chicken fillets. You can also make use of vegetables, fish, or meat rather than chicken fillets. Tahchin consists of two parts: The bottom part which consists of the chicken fillets, saffron, and other substances and the other part which includes the white rice.

popular Iranian foods

9. Persian Rice

Rice which is called polo in Persian, is one of the most important parts of almost all foods. It can be eaten with many different foods such as stews, kebabs, barbeques, chicken, fish, etc. In other words, Persian rice completes many different Iranian foods. In Iran, people usually assess your cooking abilities based on how well you can cook Persian rice.

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