famous Arabian dishes in Dubai 2023

December 30, 2022

Top 11 delicious Arabian dishes to try

Emeriti cooking is a mixture of Lebanese, Iranian and even Indian tastes, with a large number of both vegetarian and meat-based foods to take pleasure in. Packed rich in herbs, Dubai foods are both healthy and delicious. Famous foods such as hummus and falafel are widely known, but we have collected some real local dishes that are maybe less well-known to most visitors.

Famous Arabian dishes in Dubai Harees


Harees is one of the most delicious and famous Arabian dishes in Dubai. You can usually find this food on many Emirati dinner tables, along with on the menus in some of Dubai’s most excellent restaurants. It needs a large amount of time and experience to prepare it, thus it’s usually served at particular ceremonies, weddings, and events. The required substances to prepare Harees are crushed wheat, small pieces of meat (occasionally chicken), onions, ground cumin, a large amount of water, and salt. Harees is regarded as one of the country’s well-known traditional foods. It’s a significant component of the local cooking legacy and recipes continue to be transferred to the next generations.

famous Arabian dishes in Dubai

2. Majboos

Many of Dubai’s tourists take pleasure in majboos, one of the famous Arabian dishes since it’s very well-liked among Emirati people. Family recipes are handed over from one generation to the next generation. The ingredients to prepare this dish are basmati rice with different types of meat. Majboos are usually provided with chicken, with the unique tastes of strong Arabian spices and mixed vegetables. Chicken or meat majboos are presented at all types of family occasions and it is also served to a large extent at Iftar meals during Ramadan.



Luqaymat is a famous facet of Dubai’s traditional cooking and they’re made ready for different cultural occasions held across the Emirates. They’re regarded to be an obligatory pastry in the home or restaurant, particularly on special events. These sugary pastries are made into fine golden balls that become liquefied in the mouth. They’re produced from flour, sesame seeds, turmeric, milk, sugar, salt as well a little yeast. You should turn the batter into a paste and then left to rest for a while, then you should fry it in the oil and trickle a thin stream of syrup over it. Some people consider luqaymat to be originally one of the famous Arabian dishes, although the Greeks too have a similar dish which they call loukoumades.


Madrouba is one of Dubai’s most famous and favorite dishes, and it also has admirers in Bahrain and Oman, too. Madrouba with chicken is the most famous diversity, though it’s also presented with fish, lamb, and crushed grains. You can prepare this dish by using rice, garlic, onion, tomatoes, yoghurt and spices as well a bit of butter. The dish is called ‘madrouba’ which means “beaten” in Arabic since, in the last phase of the recipe, the substances are stirred together to make a smooth mash. This dish is great for all ages as it’s effortlessly digestible.



Thareed with meat is a feature of Gulf cooking in general and is specifically usual in Dubai. It’s produced from bread and vegetable chunks drenched in a meat broth. This dish is prepared at special events and ceremonies and has an abundance of valuable vitamins and protein. It’s a wonderful energy-giving dish that’s well-known to have many health advantages, especially because of its high amount of vegetable protein.

6.Meat Biryani

Biryani is a food that’s very common in the Gulf region including Dubai. Coming from Indian cuisine, this dish extended over first to East Asia before entering the Arab world, where it became very favorite due to its delectable spicy taste. It’s produced from Indian spices well-known for their powerful odors and tastes.

Chicken saloona

7.Chicken saloona

In spite of the arrival of a large number of western foods into restaurants in Dubai, saloona has remained popular among the people of Dubai and is one the famous Arabian dishes, and is pleasurably served on many dinner tables. Thus, when you’re in Dubai, ensure you find this delicious dish, famous for its easy preparation, greatly delectable taste and astounding flavor. It’s made with pieces of chicken, turmeric, olive oil, grated ginger, minced garlic, onion, chili, spices and white rice. It has an abundance of valuable vitamins and protein, and is served at almost every specific event or ceremony in Dubai, having an undeniable place in the hearts of both locals and tourists.

 famous Arabian dishes in Dubai Oozie


Oozie is one of the famous foods in Dubai. It is typically served at special events such as wedding parties and festive celebrations. Oozie with meat also has an unignorable place at the Emirati meal table during Ramadan, when family and friends come together to break their fast. This dish is produced from rice and can be pushed into fine pastry pockets, or it can also be eaten with chicken. Sometimes, it’s also offered with salad and yoghurt, or decorated with a mixture of fried or roasted nuts.



Jasheed is one of the favorite foods in the Gulf region. There is no wonder, fish has a very significant place in Emirati cooking, particularly in coastal areas where fresh fish is available in many foods. It’s produced from small sharks, or other fish if these aren’t accessible, and served with rice. It’s eaten with white rice and butter. The fish is put deeply in water and cooked with seasonings for around 30 minutes until the skin removes. It’s then washed and placed into another pot with mixed spice, cinnamon, ginger, ground dried lemon, cardamom, chopped onion, and garlic. The next step is to delicately cut the pepper into pieces, cut into shred the fish, and combine it with a blend of condiments for around 15 minutes. The blend is then cooked well and it’s then prepared to serve.

10.Tahta malih

Tahta malih is a traditional food of Dubai and one of the famous Arabian dishes that’s still a favorite today. Its original taste has been conserved, just like the fish that is utilized to make it. Conserved, salted fish, called malih, was usually utilized in the Emirates when there was little fresh fish or other food accessible. People who are suffering from high blood pressure should keep away from eating too much of this dish because of the high salt content. Malih is usually served in Dubai, with the most usually accessible diversity being produced from yellowfin tuna.



This vegetarian food is available among the vast options that Dubai Cuisine provides and is delectable. Tabbouleh is a salad that is produced from tomatoes, green onions, bulgur, cucumber and also fresh mint and lemon juices.

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