how to flavor joojeh kabab?

March 6, 2023

Marinating and flavoring joojeh kabab for picnics or trips are always one of the most important concerns, and everyone likes to use various methods to prepare joojeh kabab. The most common method of cooking joojeh kabab is flavoring the chicken pieces in a mixture of onion, lemon juice, saffron and special spices for joojeh kabab. After a few hours and until the chickens are flavored, the flavored chickens are skewered and grilled over charcoal and served with rice.

how to flavor joojeh kabab?

Flavoring joojeh kabab with yogurt

Soaking the chicken in yogurt is the first method. Sour yogurt is one of the traditional flavoring methods that have a great effect on the softness and taste of meat.

Ingredients required for flavoring chicken with yogurt include:

1.Chopped chicken fillet


3.Lemon juice or fresh lemon

4.Liquid oil

5.Brewed saffron

6.Sour yogurt

7.Salt, black pepper, garlic powder

how to flavor joojeh kabab?

How to soak joojeh kabab in yogurt?

Cut the chicken meat into appropriate sizes and try to make them all the same so that they are evenly grilled and not burnt or undercooked. This part is completely optional and you can use any part of the chicken. But remember, the smaller the pieces of chicken, the faster it will cook. You have definitely faced the problem that the saffron used in the recipe sticks to the chopped onions or other ingredients of the joojeh kabab! An important part of the flavor and aroma of saffron, which should be used to flavor the chicken, is lost in this part. Using saffron is the best way to flavor joojeh kabab.

The first stage

Put the chicken pieces in a suitable container and add the brewed saffron to it and stir well until all the chickens get the color of saffron. Then cover the container and leave them for at least fifteen minutes to be marinated with saffron. Definitely, if you have more time and patience, you will see a better result at this stage. This makes the saffron give the meat a better taste and aroma and soak completely into the meat texture. This is a significant point that is not stated in most recipes.

how to flavor joojeh kabab?

The second stage

This step is completely optional and you can change or remove it as you like. You can add black or red pepper along with garlic powder or onion powder and some salt to the joojeh kabab pieces and mix and leave it for ten minutes to flavor the meat.

The last stage

This step is the time to add yogurt, chopped onion and lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients together and put them in the refrigerator for at least a few hours so that the ingredients give the chickens a good taste.

How to flavor joojeh kabab with saffron?

Ingredients required for flavoring joojeh kabab with saffron

1.Chopped chicken

2.Fresh lemons (or lemon juice)

3.Brewed saffron

4.Salt and pepper


6.Olive oil

how to flavor joojeh kabab?

How to soak saffron joojeh kabab in ingredients?

In the first step, after washing the chickens with cold water, proceed to flavor the chickens. Add lemon juice, saffron, pepper, and olive oil to the meat and mix well. There are all kinds of recipes for flavoring ingredients for joojeh kabab, which definitely have a direct relationship with your taste. Many cooks advise not to add lemon juice and salt to the meat first, because the meat will become tough.

To solve this problem, it is better to buy fresh meat first, because frozen meat or meat that has been in the refrigerator for a long time does not have the quality of fresh meat, and no matter how much you use fresh additives, you will still not get the ideal taste you want.

Preparation steps

Be sure to use cooking oil when combining chicken with ingredients. With this method, chickens are flavored in the best possible form. Chop onion into small pieces and add them to the meat. You can also use a few pieces of green bell pepper for this. Bell pepper is a very effective antibiotic in cooking and grilling all kinds of meat.

Due to its soft texture, chicken meat is quickly flavored and changes color. It is very easy to recognize this color change. Allow at least twenty minutes to an hour for the chicken to be flavored in a container. After the chickens are flavored, they are skewered one by one, you can use any other vegetables you like between the chicken pieces and put them in the oven tray.

In this step, sprinkle salt on both sides of the skewers with a salt shaker. Remember that one of the cooking tips is not to add salt to the chickens when flavoring them, this will make the texture of the chicken hard and increase the grilling time. During the time when the chickens are being flavored and then grilled, you can start cooking the rice needed for this meal. Until the chickens are grilled, the rice is ready and can be served together.

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how to flavor joojeh kabab?

How to marinate joojeh kabab with mayonnaise sauce?

First, chop the chicken fillets and wash them, then mix them with brewed saffron and grated onion, cover them with cellophane and put them in the refrigerator for an hour. Take the fillets out of the refrigerator and mix them with liquid oil. To soak the chicken in mayonnaise sauce, first prepare the sauce as follows:

Add mustard sauce, mayonnaise, yogurt, lemon juice, salt and black pepper and stir and put it back in the refrigerator for a few hours. After skewering, grill the fillets slowly on charcoal.

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