Introducing Iranian seafood

February 17, 2023

Iranian seafood is a very rich source of minerals, high-quality protein and vitamins. Seafood has an average of less than 2% fat. These foods have very little fat of any kind. Eating fish two to three times a week can help regulate cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart disease. Also, by consuming seafood, you can reduce the risk of common diseases to a high extent. To experience eating delicious Iranian seafood and experience a healthy diet, some of the most delicious Iranian seafood are listed below.

Delicious Iranian seafood

Iranian seafood

1.Ghalieh Mahi

Ghalieh Mahi is one of the most delicious and unique dishes in the south of Iran, especially in the Khuzestan province. Ghalieh Mahi is one of the most famous foods among the people of the south of Iran. Due to the high variety of fish in the south of Iran and their different taste, each one is cooked in a special way. Cooking food, especially local food, in any part of the country by locals and natives of that region can undoubtedly give a different taste to that food. Ghalieh Mahi which is prepared with a combination of fish, special vegetables, garlic, pomegranate paste and special spices is one of the southern khoresh of Iran.


The north of Iran has many seafood dishes that are prepared with seasonings that make their taste unique. Malabij is one of those northern seafood dishes that are popular both in Gilan and Mazandaran, and white fish, aromatic vegetables, walnut kernels and pomegranate paste are used to make it. Fish is cooked on fire or charcoal, but since most families have an oven today, it has become a little easier to prepare. In fact, to prepare this dish, the belly of a male white fish is filled with pomegranate paste, vegetables and walnuts, and finally, the fish is grilled on charcoal.

Iranian seafood

3.Mahi Saboor

Another delicious and rare dish in the south of Iran, especially in the Khuzestan and Bushehr provinces, is Sabour fish. Tasty and unique fish, which is one of the oldest traditional dishes of this region. The taste of this fish is different from other fish and is more delicious than other types of fish. Especially the cooking method of this dish makes its taste one of the most memorable flavors among the dishes of this region. This fish is grilled and cooked with a combination of tamarind, black pepper and other aromatic vegetables. Remember that this type of fish has many small bones that should be avoided while eating this food.

4.Dopiazeh Meygoo

Dopiazeh Meygoo is one of the delicious and famous southern dishes, which originates from Bushehr province. The preparation of Dopiazeh Meygoo requires relatively little time, and its ingredients include shrimp, onion, potato, garlic, tomato paste, and a sauce consisting of vinegar, pepper sauce, tomato sauce, lemon juice, and saffron. Due to the presence of shrimp, Dopiazeh Meygoois a very nutritious and useful dish, and it is better to include it in your weekly meal plan. The aroma and taste of fresh shrimp soaked in a spicy and fiery sauce, together with potatoes and rice, are so tempting and appetizing that they will undoubtedly satisfy any taste.

Delicious Iranian seafood

5.Mahi Shekam Por

Mahi Shekam Por is one of the most delicious dishes that you can make with both northern and southern fish. “Pomegranate and walnut paste” is usually used to prepare northern Mahi Shekam Por, and “garlic, tamarind and southern vegetables and spices” are used to prepare southern Mahi Shekam Por. Perhaps the hardest part of cooking Mahi Shekam Por is removing the fishbone. One of the most popular fish to cook this dish is salmon because it is easy to prepare and has a good taste. The inside of the fish is filled with ingredients such as coriander, fenugreek, pomegranate paste and walnuts. Fenugreek and coriander to add flavor, and pomegranate paste as a seasoning. Of course, garlic, onion and saffron, which are pillars of Iranian cooking, are used as other flavorings for this delicious dish.

6.Shir Mahi

Shir Mahi is a very tasty and delicious fish with soft and white meat. This fish grows in the south of the country. This is a very popular and famous fish with many fans. One of the positive points of this fish is its very delicate scales. These scales will be removed by touching. Another characteristic of fresh shir mahi is its transparent and sometimes red eyes. The distinguishing feature of this fish is its soft meat. For this reason, shir mahi is one of the most popular fish in the south, and the methods of cooking shir mahi in the south are very diverse.

Introducing Iranian seafood


The people of Hormozgan province call any dish that is prepared with chicken and fish meat, houari.  Houari Mahi is one of the most famous types of houari. Naturally, houari Mahi is a very nice polo dish, which is also cooked in other ways in other southern provinces of Iran. You can use any type of fish in the houari recipe, but shir mahi is a better choice.

8.Meygoo Polo

Shrimp is a source of protein and is considered a very nutritious food. Omega-3 is found in shrimp in large quantities, which plays an important role in our health. Bushehri meygoo Polo is a delicious southern dish that you can also make with fish.

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Introducing Iranian seafood

9.Kotlet mahi

Kotlet mahi is one of the delicious and popular types of kotlet. It is highly suggestible to try this seafood dish, which is not difficult to prepare.

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