Iranian dolma(stuffed vegetables)

February 2, 2023

Dolma is one of the most delicious Iranian dishes that many people are interested in learning how to prepare. How to prepare dolma is one of the most interesting topics in cooking, and every Iranian woman is definitely interested in learning all these techniques so that they can prepare with all the available ingredients a delicious food for parties and gatherings. Iranian dolma (stuffed vegetables) are available in many different types.  Some of the common ingredients of dolma are special vegetables, rice, spices, minced meat, and tomato paste.

Among the different types of dolma that are cooked in Iran today, we can mention dolma barge mo, dolma bademjan, dolma felfel, dolma goje farangi, dolma sib zamini, and dolma kalam, which are the most popular ones. If you are one of the people who like to learn how to prepare all the different types of dolma, the most popular types are explained below.

Different types of Iranian dolma

Different types of Iranian dolma

1.Dolma barge mo

Dolma barge mo is one of the types of dolma that is very popular today and it can almost be said that it is the most famous type of dolma, the way to prepare this dolma is almost more difficult than other types of dolma. Is. The way to prepare dolma barge mo is that you pour your ingredients into the grape leaves and then put it on the stove to cook well. This dish is mostly cooked in the summer when the leaves are fresh, but some people keep the leaves in the freezer to make this dolma even in the winter.

The taste of grape leaves is almost sour, and yet some people add tomatoes and dried plums to make them more delicious. If you are one of people who are interested in sour foods, probably the dolma barge mo can be one of your best options.

Iranian dolma(stuffed vegetables)

2.Dolma bademjan

Another very famous Iranian dolma that many people are interested in making is dolma bademjan. In the preparation of dolma bademjan, you use eggplant instead of grape leaves, which in addition to making the dolma more beautiful, makes you feel a different taste in your dolma. To make dolma bademjan, you need the same dolma ingredients that are needed for other types. Of course, if you wish, you can add a little tomato paste to your mixture. First hollow eggplants out and then fill them with your ingredients. Next, it is enough to put the eggplants on the stove with a small amount of water so that they cook well and then eat this delicious dolma.

Iranian dolma(stuffed vegetables)

3.Dolma goje farangi

Another type of dolma that is cooked in Iran today and has its own fans is dolma goje farangi. Due to the use of tomatoes in it, you can experience a unique aroma and taste in it, in addition, you should know that the preparation of dolma goje farangi is very simple.

To make this dolma, you must first make your rice half-cooked and then cook your split peas completely. Fry the chopped onions together with the special vegetables and then add your desired meat and condiments including salt, pepper and turmeric to them, and if you wish, add some tomato paste to them and fry well until both the rawness of the tomato paste is removed and the meats are well cooked. Next, add split peas and rice to your mixture and pour them into the tomatoes that you have already hollowed out and let them cook well along with some water.

Iranian dolma(stuffed vegetables)

4.Dolma kalam

Dolma kalam is a very delicious and special type of dolma that today many people are not familiar with, but you should know that this dolma is one of the most delicious types of dolma, and trying it can be one of your best experiences. How to prepare dolma kalam is very similar to the way of preparing dolma barge mo.

To make this dolma, like all types of dolma, you should prepare the necessary ingredients for the dolma, and, it is also recommendable to use a little vinegar in your mixture. Next, remove the top leaves of the cabbage and put it in a little water and salt and let it boil for 15 minutes. Then separate the cabbage leaves, which have become softer now, and pour your ingredients into the cabbage leaves, like a dolma barge mo and arrange them neatly in a pot. Next, let your dolmas cook well.


5.Dolma sib zamini

There are different ways to make dolma sib zamini, you can use any of these methods to cook this very delicious dish. The method that we will tell you about in this section is one of the best ways to cook dolma sib zamini. To cook this dish, first fry your meat and onion with your desired condiments until the color of the meat and onion changes, then wash the potatoes well and divide them into two pieces. Hollow the inner side of the potatoes out and put your ingredients to which you have added a little pizza cheese inside this part and place the other part of the potato on the ingredients and then put it in the oven until it cooks well.

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Iranian dolma

6.Dolma Felfel

Dolma Felfel is one of the types of dolma that is not specific to Iran and you can find this dish in many countries. This dish is one of the popular dishes of Arab countries, but it also has its own fans in Iran. To make this dolma, you need to fry the meat, onions and condiments well along with the tomato paste, and then add your rice and split peas, which you have already soaked and half-cooked, to this mixture. Next, cut the top part of your bell pepper and hollow it out well and pour your ingredients into it and then place the cut part again on the bell pepper. Next, put the bell peppers on the stove with a little water until they cook well. You should know that you can use bell peppers in different colors to make this dolma more beautiful.

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