Iranian traditional foods in Golestan Restaurant

February 1, 2023

1.Zereshk Polo Morgh

Zereshk polo ba morgh is one of the most popular and Iranian traditional foods. It’s loaded with amazing flavors like saffron, turmeric and barberry. Zereshk Polo is one of those recommendable foods that everyone who wants to become familiar with Persian cuisine must try. It is a dish that can be found in almost all Persian restaurants. It is just enough to cook chicken pieces that are already marinated well, in tomato paste sauce and then serve with saffron rice and sauteed barberries.

Zereshk Polo Morgh Golestan Restaurant

About This Food

Zereshk Polo ba Morgh is a delicious dish that is eaten with saffron and barberry rice.  In order to cook a delicious and tempting Zereshk Polo, it is a good idea to cook chicken pieces with a large amount of sauteed onion and saffron. The chicken can be cooked in two different ways. It is probable to marinate chicken pieces with onion and spices initially and then cook them. You can also sauté chicken pieces in a little bit of oil and then prepare them with onion and other ingredients that can be used to make a sauce. Zereshk polo ba morgh is one of the most Iranian traditional foods.

Why this food is so tasty and popular?

It is very easy to cook this dish. Although many people think that preparing Zereshk Polo is a time-taking process, this is not the right idea. It is just enough to follow some helpful tips when preparing Zereshk Polo to have tasty chicken food for special events. This dish is full of saffron and other tasty ingredients. There is no need to be an experienced cook and an expert in Persian cuisine to prepare a delectable Zereshk Polo Morgh. You must just follow the recipe exactly to get wonderful results and leave everyone at the dinner table surprised.

What You Need to prepare Zereshk Polo

Rice: To prepare Iranian foods, it is a good idea to make use of excellent Iranian rice or long-grain basmati rice.

Chicken: it is possible to utilize either chicken thighs or breasts to cook this food depending on your taste and wish.

Dried barberries: Dried barberries are usually available at Middle Eastern grocery stores. Dried barberry is one of the major ingredients of this dish, so do not forget to prepare it.

Tomato paste: it is better to cook chicken pieces in a thick sauce. You can prepare this sauce with tomato paste.

Yellow Onion: onion is necessary for cooking chicken.

Spices: Spices such as turmeric, salt, and black pepper are required for this dish.

Bloomed saffron: Bloomed saffron is utilized both for saffron rice and chicken to make it more aromatic when prepared.

Vegetable oil and butter: Butter or oil are good options to sauté barberries. A little oil is enough for frying the chicken pieces.

Mahiche with Rice in Golestan Restaurant

2.Mahiche with Rice

Baghali Polo ba Mahiche is one of the popular and tasty Iranian foods with lots of flavors. It is a very favorite and sought-after food at parties or wedding ceremonies. In order to cook Baghali Polo, you can make use of fresh, frozen, and dried fava beans. The dill that is available both fresh and dried is used to add flavor and fragrance to Baghali Polo. Baghali Polo ba Mahiche is one of the most Iranian traditional foods.

About This Food

Baghali polo is a rice food loaded with flavor, and fragrance for special events, prepared with fava beans and garnished with saffron rice. It is very easy to cook Baghali polo for the first time just by following the recipe carefully. Although some people may think that Persian foods need lots of time, most of them have easy and direct recipes.

What Do You Need to cook Baghali Polo?

Rice: To prepare Persian foods, it is always recommendable to use fresh Iranian rice or long-grain basmati rice.

Lamb shanks: Soft and tender lamb shanks will amazingly match with dill and fava bean rice. If you are not interested in lamb shanks, you can eat Baghali polo with chicken!

Yellow onion: Onions are required for preparing lamb shanks.

Bloomed saffron: When rice is prepared you can blend a few spoons of rice with bloomed saffron and utilize it to garnish the food.

Spices: Persian cuisine is an eclectic array of flavors and odors and colors. Typically, salt, pepper, cinnamon sticks, or ground cinnamon and turmeric are utilized to prepare lamb shanks.

Fava beans: Fava beans are the inseparable ingredients of some Persian foods. You can cook Baghali polo with fresh, frozen, or dried fava beans. If you are making use of fresh fava beans, just cut the pod and take out the beans and then remove the visible skin.

Dried dill: it can be found in most grocery stores.

Tahchin Morgh foods in Golestan Restaurant

3.Tahchin Morgh

Tahchin is one of the most special dishes in Persian cuisine. Children take pleasure in eating it since it is crunchy. There are many different methods to prepare Tahchin, and you prepare it with chicken, meat, or even vegetables. Also, you can use Tahchin rather than rice and serve it with Khoresht. You can take pleasure in eating many Khoreshts with the tasty Tahchin. It is just enough to follow the recipe instructions step by step to cook this delicious food.

Tahchin ingredients

Tahchin is a special and unique dish that is made with rice, yogurt, saffron, and egg. But it is better to blend it with other ingredients such as chicken, meat, or vegetables. It is your preference to select one of them or mix them. In order to prepare Tahchin Morgh or chicken Tahchin, these ingredients are needed. It is also important to know the amount of ingredients for cooking this food.

Iranian traditional foods in Golestan Restaurant

4.Lamb’s neck with Rice

Saffron rice with lamb neck – very delicious and heavy food that is appropriate for lunch, you can surprise your family members to see a plate loaded with saffron rice and lamb neck. This neck is prepared very easily, just fry it a little and cook it together with hot onions for 3 hours. After that, make the saffron rice.

Preparation of various types of polo with muscle or neck meat is one of the tastiest Iranian foods that is cooked on special occasions. The most significant point in this recipe is enough time for cooking the muscle or neck. To cook, you can eliminate the tomato paste from this recipe based on your taste and increase the amount of saffron utilized.

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