Mirza Ghasemi

April 8, 2023

Mirza Ghasemi is one of the authentic and tasty Iranian dishes that is very popular. One of the reasons for its popularity is the unique taste of this food. But Mirza Ghasemi is a food that is prepared with grilled eggplant, that’s why it is a healthy food and even because of its ingredients, it is a suitable choice for vegetarians. The traditional way of preparing Mirza Ghasemi uses very inexpensive ingredients and therefore Mirza Ghasemi is an affordable food.

Mirza Ghasemi


  1. Eggplants
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Eggs
  4. Garlic
  5. Tomato paste
  6. Turmeric
  7. Oil
  8. Salt and black pepper

Mirza Ghasemi


1. In order to cook a delicious Mirza Ghasemi, it is required to grill the eggplants first. To grill the eggplants, you can make use of either the flame of a gas stove or a charcoal grill. The eggplants must be grilled well. The skin of the eggplants must be burnt entirely.

2. Of course, if you are not interested in the smoky taste of grilled eggplant, it is possible to boil them. Once the eggplants are grilled, they must be left to cool a little, then slowly remove their skins.

3. After removing the skin, put the eggplants in a big bowl, then crush them completely until their texture is separated. Next, set aside the eggplants and make the tomatoes ready.

4. Then the tomatoes must be placed in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes so that you can remove their skins easily. After a few minutes, take the tomatoes out of the boiling water and let them cool down a bit, then remove their skin simply.

5. Put an appropriate pan on the heat and pour some oil into it. next, the garlic must be grated and fried in the oil until they become soft and light, then some turmeric must be added to the garlic and fried well until the garlic is prepared well.

6. Next the eggplants must be added and fried for about 20 minutes, then very finely grated tomatoes shall be added to the pan and fried well until the extra water of the tomatoes disappears.

7. You can add tomato paste to Mirza Ghasemi, but it is not obligatory, but to improve the color and taste of Mirza Ghasemi, 1 tablespoon of tomato paste can be added to Mirza Ghasemi. You must fry the tomato paste entirely.

8. Then, all the ingredients of Mirza Ghasemi must be put on one side of the pan, and the eggs shall be broken in the other part of the pan, and let it cook well, then mix them with the other ingredients of Mirza Ghasemi until all the ingredients become homogeneous.

9.At the end, add some salt and black pepper to Mirza Ghasemi and let it settle a little. To decorate Mirza Ghasemi, an egg can be cooked separately, then after putting the Mirza Ghasemi on the plate, put the egg on top of the Mirza Ghasemi.

Mirza Ghasemi

Grilling eggplants

If you are interested in the smoky taste of eggplants, you must grill them well on charcoal or gas stove flame since grilling them in the oven will stop them from tasting smoky. Some restaurants make use of charcoal grills to grill eggplant, which gives the eggplant a wonderful taste.

It is true that the popularity of Mirza Ghasemi is because of the smoky taste of its eggplant, but there are also people who do not like the smoky taste of Mirza Ghasemi eggplant. People who are not interested in the smoky taste of eggplants can make use of the oven to roast eggplants so that it does not have a smoky taste.

Mirza Ghasemi

Health benefits of Mirza Ghasemi

Mirza Ghasemi is considered one of the popular dishes among tourists; also, this dish is very popular at Iranian parties.

It is very easy to serve this dish and it can be served with bread and rice. Besides these, Mirza Ghasemi has very good properties and benefits.

Since eggplant is one of the basic ingredients of Mirza Ghasemi, as a result, the properties of eggplant can be very effective in this dish. Eggplant has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants protect the body against diseases and damage of free radicals to body cells; As a result of this practice, diseases such as cancer can be significantly reduced by consuming eggplant.

This food is rich in fiber. Fiber has many benefits for the body, including relieving constipation. Fiber enters the intestine directly, where by producing beneficial bacteria, it stops the growth of harmful intestinal bacteria and improves the function of the intestinal muscles.

Also, the fiber in eggplant is water-soluble, and because of this, it acquires the properties of mucilage.

The garlic in this food will help a lot in eliminating intestinal infections. When intestinal infections are cleared, it helps a lot to relieve constipation.

Also, garlic has very high antioxidant properties that play a very important role in the health of the body. Antioxidants significantly increase the body’s resistance to cold and flu viruses.

The tomato in Mirza Ghasemi contains vitamin C. This vitamin will be very effective in the health and regeneration of the skin.

Mirza Ghasemi is rich in calcium. Calcium plays an important role in the strength of bones and teeth; it will also prevent osteoporosis in old age.

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Mirza Ghasemi

Tips to prepare a more delicious Mirza Ghasemi

1.You can use 1 tablespoon of tomato paste to make Mirza Ghasemi appealing.

2.You can use chopped walnuts to decorate Mirza Ghasemi.

3.You can also grill the tomatoes to make them tastier.

4.You can cook the egg separately in a bowl with butter and put it on top of Mirza Ghasemi at the end to make it more attractive.

5.If you like to fry eggplants, it is better to put them in water and salt to remove their bitterness.

6.The amount of garlic added is optional and can be changed.

7.Use delicate and shiny eggplants to prepare Mirza Ghasemi.

8.You can cut the eggplants with a knife after grilling.

9.If you don’t like the tomatoes to be pureed, chop them finely.

10.Add as much oil as needed.

11.Some people do not like the taste of garlic and use onion, but the taste of this dish is delicious with garlic

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