Shole Zard recipe

April 23, 2023

Shole Zard

Shole Zard is one of the delicious and traditional Iranian foods, which is also served as dessert, although today it is chiefly used as an appetizer.

Shole Zard recipe


  • Rice
  • Sugar
  • Rose water
  • Sliced almonds
  • Butter
  • Brewed saffron
  • Salt
  • Cinnamon


Shole Zard recipe

The first stage

To prepare Shole Zard, first, we prepare the rice and put it in a large bowl and pour water on the rice and gently turn the rice upside down with our hands and pour the water out and pour water on the rice again. We pour the water out and do the same thing again.

The second stage

We repeat this several times until the rice water becomes clear and the rice is completely washed, then we empty the water and pour 1 glass of rose water and 1 glass of water on the rice and leave the bowl aside for a while. Soak the rice well for 30 minutes.

The third stage

Pour the almonds into a bowl of water and let them soak well and remove their brown skin easily. After 30 minutes of soaking the rice with a mixture of water and rose water, we pour 8 glasses of water into the pot prepared for cooking the Shole Zard.

The fourth stage

Then the pot must be put on high heat so that the water boils quickly and afterward we add the mixture of rice, water and rose water to the pot so that the water boils again. And lower the heat to cook the rice.

The fifth stage

Then we test a little bit of rice, if the rice is soft on the inside and hard on the outside, we add sugar and stir the ingredients well so that it does not stick. After the sugar dissolves in the ingredients, we consistently stir the Shole Zard to prevent it from sticking to the bottom.

The sixth stage

Then we peel the almonds and cut them in half so that they become slices and keep a little of it aside for decoration and pour the rest into the Shole Zard. We add the brewed saffron with a little salt to the Shole Zard.

The seventh stage

Then we stir the Shole Zard until it reaches a suitable consistency. When we feel that the Shole Zard has reached the desired consistency, we pour a little of the Shole Zard into a suitable bowl and let it cool a little and taste it.

The eighth stage

If the consistency is acceptable, pour the butter into the Shole Zard and switch off the flame after 5 minutes and let the Shole Zard cool. If the Shole Zard is not still consistent and has not reached enough consistency, we will leave it to cook better.

The ninth stage

Of course, we must also pay attention to the fact that the Shole Zard like the mashkofi, becomes a little harder after it cools down. In the end, put the mashkofi in the desired container and decorate it with cinnamon or coconut powder and almond or pistachio slices.

Shole Zard recipe

Shole Zard recipe

Shole Zard is a constipating food due to the presence of rice and rose water and is useful for people with constipation. Shole Zard is useful for those who are fasting and is a good food for breaking the fast. Shole Zard is useful for fasting children due to the presence of nutrients and providing calories, as long as it does not prevent them from eating the main meal. The Shole Zard is a delicate food and it is easy for the stomach and liver to digest, and in the digestive process, it does not leave many useless wastes and those wastes are easily removed from the body.

Shole Zard is very tonic and its strength reaches the body parts quickly. Shole Zard is useful for anemic and depressed people because it stimulates the desire for food due to the smell and taste of saffron and rose water. Shole Zard with pistachios and almonds is very important in strengthening and nourishing the liver and brain. Shole Zard is one of the beneficial foods for feeding children, pregnant mothers, and the elderly.

Shole Zard recipe

The benefits of saffron

1) Boosting your immune system

Saffron is rich in vitamin C. This vitamin is essential and crucial for human health. Vitamin C boosts the immune system and generates more white blood cells. These are the white blood cells that make the defense line of the body. Since it is always better to prevent a disease than to cure it, it is better to regularly boost our immune system.

2) Prevention of high cholesterol

Heart disease and diabetes are one of the deadliest problems in our body, which are caused by high bad cholesterol (LDL). One of the benefits of saffron is that it reduces the level of cholesterol in the body.

3) Prevention of anemia with saffron

Saffron also contains iron. If you suffer from iron-deficiency anemia or feel weak, have terrible headaches, or fatigue, you must raise your iron intake. You can make use of saffron for the natural prevention of anemia.

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Shole Zard recipe

4) Prevention of cancer

Cancer is one of the worst diseases in the world that kills many people annually. One of the ways to prevent cancer is to make use of vegetables and spices that contain antioxidants. The use of saffron for the body can be stated to stop cancer.

5) The use of saffron in digestive problems

One of the most significant benefits of saffron is its anti-pain and anti-inflammatory features, and as a result, it can be of wonderful assistance in improving stomach pain and decreasing stomach inflammation. You can also make use of saffron as an anti-flatulence, to cure heartburn, and even for stomach ulcers and pain relief.

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