introducing the best restaurants in Sharjah

February 1, 2023

Sharjah has many attractions and historical sites that are only comparable with its wide range of restaurants, which serve the best of both domestic and international foods.

The best Restaurants in Sharjah

Sharjah, an eye-catching city in the UAE, is a glorious tourist destination. Ideal place for the gourmets, the restaurants in Sharjah provide unique and various culinary experiences to satisfy different tastes. The following list consists of some of the best restaurants in Sharjah that can be enjoyable for everyone.

introducing the best restaurants in Sharjah

1. Casa Samak

Located in Coral Beach Resorts; Casa Samak is one of the best restaurants in Sharjah. This is actually a dining place to eat delicious foods in Sharjah, which provides a unique view of Sharjah and a great environment for a succulent dinner. It serves strikingly delicious seafood and Chef’s signature dishes and generates unforgettable memories at one of the best seafood restaurants in Sharjah.

2. Kamat Restaurant

Kamat is one of the best and most reputable restaurants in Sharjah, that offers genuine vegetarian dishes. With gorgeous décor, and attractive environment, fast service and different vegetarian dishes to serve, this restaurant also is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Sharjah. Well-known among domestic people and foreigners; Kamat is one of the popular restaurants in Sharjah Abu Shagara, which is filled with too many people during weekends.

introducing the best restaurants in Sharjah

3. Madeenat Haridwar Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Sharjah. Madeenat Haridwar Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants, one you should experience it. It serves a wide range of foods including dal, sabzi, chapati, and paratha to sweets such as jalebi, malai sandwiches and lassi; which are extremely delicious and genuine. The comfortable ambiance and quick service are really amazing. So, if you want to enjoy vegetarian foods in Sharjah, which provides genuine vegetarian and Jain food; it is one of the best options for you.

4. ICook Restaurant

This is one of the best restaurants to dine in Sharjah. Sharjah has plenty of great public places to eat delicious foods. Offering the best Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Chines, and Thai foods, ICook Restaurant is heaven for gourmets. The luxurious restaurant offers an extraordinary menu card with various foods to strongly attract you. The comfortable environment and luxurious interiors are very appealing and the delicious foods will certainly satisfy your food strong desires.

King’s Grill in Sharjah

5. King’s Grill

Well-known for its delicious kebabs and biryani, King’s Grill is one of the best restaurants in Sharjah that will improve your taste. Prepared with the best Asian and European ingredients combined with expertise and love, the delicious foods will certainly enhance your mood. Perched inside Ramada Hotel, King’s Grill offers fragrant sizzlers, biryani, skillfully cooked meat, and others.

6. Calicut Notebook

If you are interested in original Kerala restaurants in Sharjah, this is the best restaurant for you. Offering the best non-vegetarian South Indian foods, this restaurant satisfies both locals and internationals. The foods are unrivaled, modern and served greatly and all these have turned it into one of the best restaurants in Sharjah Rolla, recently.

7. Shakespeare and Co. Al Majaz Waterfront

If you want to serve luxurious foods with your family members among beautiful views of the Arabian Bay, this restaurant in Sharjah is the best option for you. Offering a wide variety of food options from breakfast to dinner, the luxurious restaurant presents a gorgeous menu card. They have also a specially designed menu for kids containing gluten-free food considering their health. The popular foods consist of American breakfast, macaroons, coffee, Rocca salad, and etc. American foods will satisfy your desires.

The best Restaurants in Sharjah

8. Bangkok Town

Offering the best of Thai foods and plates of seafood, Bangkok Town is one of the best restaurants to head to in Sharjah for gourmets. The impressive architecture and the tasty foods will uplift your taste. Every part of the restaurant, from the mesmerizing lights, comfortable set up, elegant décor, and tranquil ambiance, attract many visitors to this luxurious restaurant. The best foods which are offered in this restaurant are green papaya salad, Thai yellow curry, and Titanic shrimp which are wonderful.

9. Al Jalsah for Mandi Restaurant

As one of the most popular restaurants in Sharjah, which offers Yemeni, Mandi and Middle-eastern foods; Al Jalsah for Mandi Restaurant is an alluring one. The restaurant has reasonable prices. It is clean and hygienic and its quick and polite staff, satisfies you with delicious and mouthwatering Mandi foods

10. Arous Dimashq

Arous Dimashq is one of the best Sharjah restaurants, which people choose for a fast breakfast, lunch or dinner. Range from salads, and sandwiches to kebabs and meat; this restaurant provides all kinds of healthy and delicious meals. Hummus and falafel are unrivaled.

The best Restaurants in Sharjah


If you are interested in Mexican and Japanese foods, do not hesitate and come to this restaurant. You can also enjoy delicious steaks, prawns, and salads in this wonderful restaurant. It’s time to relax and enjoy some delectable yogurt, biscuits, and pancakes. You can begin your dinner with a delicious strawberry mojito. If you want to come to this restaurant, have a tasty latte, chocolate frappe, or hot chocolate.


You can go to this restaurant after visiting Al Mahatta Museum. Chili’s offers foods inspired by the Mexican style of cooking. At this restaurant, you can enjoy tasty steak, tacos, and chili. The best dishes are amazing chocolate cakes, chocolate lava cakes, and vanilla ice cream. Great lemonade, hot chocolate, or ice tea are the best ways to begin your food.

13.Black Salt

If you are interested in Indian cuisine, this place is for you. There is a unique restaurant in Sharjah for those who wish to eat molecular cuisine without spending too much money. The most delectable foods are butter chicken, chicken spaghetti, and freshly prepared quinoa salads. You can indulge in tasty cheesecakes, watermelon salads, and chocolate pastries in this restaurant. Most customers believe that this restaurant offers delicious mint mojitos, pia Coladas, and amaretto.

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