9 best tips to store coffee

February 27, 2023

One of the most important issues about coffee is finding the best way to store the coffee in order to keep it fresh and tasty. Storing coffee is a very important issue since it can help coffee preserve its flavor. Here some of the best tips to store coffee are introduced.

The best tips to store coffee

best tips to store coffee

1. Check the expiration date of the coffee first of all

If you want to store coffee, you must first check its expiration date. By doing this you can determine how long you can store the coffee. Pay attention to this point every package of coffee will have an expiration date, so you must store and consume all the coffee within a specific timeframe. This is typically about four to five months from the expiration date.

2.Freeze the coffee grounds

One of the best ways to store coffee is to freeze it. The advantage of freezing the coffee grounds is that there is no need to deal with mold issues like refrigerators. When you want to put them in the freezer, make sure to put them in vacuum-sealed containers and write the date that you want to freeze them. The coffee grounds can remain fresh from 18 to 24 months in vacuum-sealed bags or containers, and about 5 to 6 months in non-hermetic sealed containers. This is one of the best tips to store coffee.

Also, make sure to firmly close the bag and allow as much air as possible to exit. This can be a very good strategy to keep the flavor of the coffee beans and keep them from absorbing the flavors of other foodstuffs in your freezer. You can even put the bagged coffee into the second bag to avoid risk, this is a good technique to inhibit freezer burn. Pay attention to this point that the freezing process may decrease the flavor and odor of the beans a bit, particularly if you keep them in the freezer for several months.

best tips to store coffee

3.Avoid putting them in the refrigerator

A fridge is a place we usually keep all foods and beverages fresh and delicious. Still, this is not applicable to coffee grounds. Keep in mind, refrigerators are full of moisture, and one of the most necessary things that you must do for coffee grounds is to keep them dry. The moisture of fridges can lead to the development of moles, which will make the coffee stale and rancid.

4.Use a pantry for storing them

If you use coffee consistently and are sure that you’re going to consume all of the grounds within a few weeks, then you can just put them in the pantry. If you have a hermetic container or the sealed original package, it is the best one. If not, put them in a canister, bag, or even a mason jar, and make sure that it is sealed as tightly as possible. If you want to make use of a plastic container to store coffee grounds, it may be better to put them in slightly colored glass or metal containers too. This will stop coffee-loving pests, like spiders and ants, from discovering and stealing the grounds.

best tips to store coffee

5.Consume the grounds rapidly

If you want to put the coffee grounds in the pantry or kitchen, you must consume them in about 3 to 4 weeks. Even if you use a hermetic container, the grounds can spoil finally. You can consume the coffee ground as fresh as possible for up to one month, but it is better to consume them within a week or two even. As it was mentioned, it is the best idea to know how much coffee you consume in a week before purchasing it in large amounts. This will prevent you from having to throw away coffee that’s gone bad.

6. Put them in a cool and dry place

If you do not want to use a pantry, you can just put and keep your coffee grounds in a dry container somewhere in the kitchen. As long as the temperature and moisture of the kitchen are moderate, you can keep them there. Long periods of time in high temperatures and immoderate moisture can cause the ground beans to spoil. Ensure that the moisture in the storage places is not very much. This is one of the best tips to store coffee.

best tips to store coffee

7. Only make use of non-reactive containers

Sometimes, users prefer to store their coffee beans in their original packaging. And sometimes, they may decide to keep the grounds in their own containers. If you want to keep your grounds in a new container, make sure that you use nonreactive containers. Non-reactive containers refer to containers that are produced from materials that won’t react with acids. The recommendable choices are glass, stainless steel, tin, and ceramic. You can also keep ground coffee in a mason jar. Mason jars are impermeable and sealed and can preserve the freshness of your coffee.

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best tips to store coffee

8. Avoid storing and keeping them near the windows

Light, air and heat can equally damage ground coffee beans. It can spoil them in just two weeks even if they are very fresh. Make sure to avoid storing the ground coffee beans near a window without a complete shade or curtain. You must be aware that keeping coffee near windows can put it at risk of high temperatures during high noon or late evening.

9.Make use of oxygen-absorbing packets

It is a good idea to put oxygen-absorbing packets in your coffee grounds. These packets include iron which absorbs the oxygen molecules in the bag and roughly gets rid of them. This will keep the ground coffee fresh and makes its shelf life longer.

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