top 5 fast foods in Golestan restaurant

February 1, 2023

There is no doubt that most people across the world including Emiratis are now deeply interested in fast food restaurants for food rather than traditional restaurants. This can be rooted in the number of fast-food restaurants that are working in this industry and the amount of money spent by customers in these restaurants. It is believed that the amount of money spent on fast food by customers increases considerably every year. Presently, most people in the world have turned to fast food restaurants, particularly college students who believe that these restaurants save a lot of time.

Most people who choose these types of restaurants believe that it saves time. It means, it is not a time-taking process to get food from these restaurants when one is short of time. Taking into account the long process of cooking a meal which may consist of going for long distances for such recipes or waiting long hours in a restaurant for food to be prepared, most people choose fast food restaurants that do not need a long time to spend. In addition, given the increasing number of hours, people are obliged to stay in their workplace, fast food restaurant offers the best solution to making meals at home hence increasing their popularity in most developing nations. Fast foods are very good options for people who are very busy.

The best 5 fast foods in Golestan

top fast foods in Golestan restaurant

1.Chicken Shish Taouk

Shish Tawook is a very well-known and favorite chicken food in the Middle East. Consider completely succulent and delicious chicken that’s been placed in enjoyable spices, yogurt, lemon juice and garlic. That’s precisely what you get with a shish tawook recipe. And whereas the recipe is Middle Eastern, you’d be left surprised by how accessible the ingredients are. Shish tawook essentially refers to Middle Eastern chicken skewers or chicken kebabs, put in a striking yogurt-based marinade with citrus, garlic, and a lot of delicious spices. Basically, this food was a part of the Ottoman cooking style, shish tawook gained incredible popularity in many parts of the Middle East. It is one of the delicious fast foods that you can enjoy in Golestan restaurant.

It is taken for granted that the yogurt-based tawook marinade is a very distinctive element! With both meat and chicken, the duty of the marinade is to make it more tender, while making it stay delicious. Creamy, sharp yogurt plays its role as a substance that adds flavor, but, more significantly, since yogurt has lactic acid and calcium, it acts to smoothly separate proteins into a number of parts so that the meat is very tender and tasty.

top fast foods in Golestan restaurant

2.Pita Peperoni

Pizza is one of those foods that everyone loves and wants to prepare in a different way. Some people take pleasure in pizza with a glass of milk, others prefer pizza with beer, and still, others prefer dipping theirs in chocolate sauce. Pita pizza is a simple way to prepare individual homemade pizzas utilizing effortless ingredients. You can preserve its classic style with cheese and pepperoni or make it different with different toppings and sauces.

Fast and simple, Pita Pizza is a fast and easy dish prepared with pepperoni, cheese, pizza sauce and flatbread in a very short time.  Pita Pizza is crunchy, delicious, and easy to make, which makes them a good option for those who want to experience tasty food in a short time.

top fast foods in Golestan restaurant

3.Chicken Escalope

Italians believe that even though their country is famous for pizza and pasta, sometimes you can taste the flavor and aroma of authentic Italian food when you choose lesser-known foods. Like chicken escalope, which is not only quick and easy to make, but you can completely change the ingredients inside based on your own taste. Chicken escalope is not dry but crispy and tastes great with lemon sauce. In general, chicken escalopes are a collection of unique flavors that are very easy and simple to prepare. These kinds of fast foods are very enjoyable.

If you have only heard the name of the French chicken escalope, you might think that the escalope is made only with chicken. But it is not. In fact, every slice of thin and boneless meat is called an escalope. (Meanwhile, they usually pound the meat during the cooking process so that it becomes thin.) For example, Veal escalope is the name of a similar dish that is prepared with slices of veal. Or sea escalopes are prepared with fish.

Kebab sandwich in Golestan restauran

4.Kebab sandwich

If you’re acquainted with Greek gyros, then you’ve tasted a derivation of a doner kebab. The other spellings are doner kebab or doner kabob. Doner kebabs are simply one kind of kebab, of which there are hundreds across the world. Coming from Turkey, they’re typically produced from lamb, although nowadays it’s common to find them with a combination of lamb and beef, or even just beef. Whatever the type of meat, it’s thinly cut and flattened. Doner originates from a Turkish word that means to turn or to revolve. As the external layers of the meat cook, it’s removed and presented in a pita or other flatbread with vegetables and sauce. The edges of the meat get delectably charred and crunchy, while the rest is shiningly fatty and wet. Doner kebabs are very sought-after in Germany, which has a considerable Turkish population.

Although the cut meat can be eaten on a platter with rice and cooked vegetables, it’s most sought-after as a sandwich served as street food. It is possible to find tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, red onion, cucumbers, or pickles inside the pita, and the sauce can be yogurt-based tzatziki or tahini. Preparing a traditional doner kebab can be a little difficult, although it’s still probable if you have the equipment for a slow-cooking, vertical-rotating spit. For most home kitchens, however, some improvisation will be needed. This recipe intends to attract the flavors of the doner kebab more than the rotisserie cooking way. Instead of being a traditional recipe, it is a modern method of popular street food, changed to be friendly for home cooks. There are many different types of kebab sandwiches that can be prepared with different ingredients that are very delicious and popular.

Kebab sandwich in Golestan restauran

5.Arabian Chicken Kebab

Arabian kabab is a very delicious non-vegetarian recipe; it is also known as grilled chicken. if you go to Golestan restaurant, don’t forget to taste this highly delicious recipe. It is a very tasty and succulent food that many people are interested in it.

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