types of kebab in Golestan restaurant

February 1, 2023

1.Loghmeh Kebab with Rice

Kebab loghmeh is one of the traditional foods of Iran which is very popular. This kind of kebab is typically prepared with a mix of lamb meat, onions, saffron, tomatoes, garlic, turmeric, flour, sumac, salt, and pepper. The meat is combined with chopped onions, salt, pepper, flour, sumac, turmeric, and saffron. It is then marinated and put on skewers. The skewers are brushed with oil and the loghmeh kebab is grilled over coals until the meat is completely cooked. Once done, the food is served with grilled tomatoes, rice, and bread on the side. Loghmeh Kebab with Rice is one of the different types of kebab.

Most people who are interested in Persian cuisine may want to know the difference between Koobideh kebab and Loghmeh Kebab. They are usually different in size and number. Cooks soak the beef filet chunks in a marinade and charbroil two skewers. Whereas the Koobideh kebab is only prepared with one skewer of meat charbroiled on fire. Loghmeh Kebab is usually eaten with rice, and different kinds of Persian bread like Sangak, Lavash, and Taftoon. Loghmeh kebab is usually served with Charbroiled tomato and serrano pepper. Koobideh is one of the most delicious types of kebab.

types of kebab in Golestan restaurant

2.Joojeh Kebab

Joojeh Kebab is a Persian chicken kebab that is popular around the world. It is served on the skewer. When Iranians come together for parties or picnics, they select this dish. Joojeh kebab may be found at actually any restaurant, making it incredibly accessible. It is typical to serve it alongside rice at formal congregations like weddings or funerals. It is also a healthy dish to serve on road trips or for eating at work as a Joojeh Kebab sandwich on Lavash bread, which is delicious. Saffron and lemon juice add a lot of favors to the marinade. The chicken pieces are put in the marinade for a long time. This kebab is one of the most special types of kebab.

types of kebab in Golestan restaurant

Kinds of joojeh kebab

Joojeh kebab is available in two variations: boneless and with bones. In most cases, joojeh kebab with bone is made with chicken wings and drumettes, but boneless joojeh kebab is usually prepared with boneless chicken breasts or boneless chicken thighs. This marinade for chicken kebabs would be equitably useful in either form.

3.Mediterranean Joojeh Kebab

Mediterranean joojeh kebab is one kind of tasty, delicious and popular international joojeh kebab that is made in different ways. To cook this delectable kebab, we can make use of all types of flavorings and spices we desire.

4.Lari Joojeh Kebab

Lari joojeh kebab is one of the methods of preparing joojeh kebab, which has many fans due to its very special taste. Flavoring the chicken in the Lari joojeh kebab method is done with a variety of different flavorings, which makes the Lari joojeh kebab taste very delicious at the end of cooking. In this method, chicken meat is flavored with ingredients like onions, full-fat yogurt, coriander seeds, paprika powder, olive oil, and lime. Brewed saffron or food coloring is used to make the color of Lari joojeh kebab golden.

types of kebab in Golestan restaurant

5.Bahraini Kebab

Bahraini kebab is very sought-after during Ramadan and is typically eaten during iftar. With the outside crispy and inside soft, the Bahraini kebab is a wonderful and delicious little vegetarian appetizer, when eaten with a cool refreshing, yogurt and coriander dipping sauce. The batter for the Bahraini kebab is prepared by making use of chickpea flour, referred to typically as kebab flour… It is also known as besan and gram flour. Bahraini kebab is one of the most popular types of kebab.

Shir Mahi Kebab in Golestan restaurant

6.Shir Mahi Kebab

Shir Mahi kebab is one of the most popular and tasty Iranian kebabs, which is classified as seafood. Milkfish meat is very crispy and tasty, so it is one of the best fish for grilling. In addition to having a very good taste and being known as a premium fish among the people of the south of the country, lionfish is also very useful for the body. This fish contains rich amounts of phosphorus and omega-3 fatty acids.

7.Shish Kebab with Rice

Shish kebab is one of the most traditional kebabs in Iran, which many people consider to be the most delectable food in the world. This kebab is prepared from veal, sometimes it is also prepared with ribs. This kebab is prepared in Mongolia, part of Europe, Russia and Iran. In Mashhad, one of the cities of Iran is known as shishlik, which is a Turkish word, shish means skewer in this kebab, and Mashhad is one of the cities that cooks this food in the best form, especially the people of Shandiz.

Lamb Kebab with Mushrooms and Rice

8.Lamb Kebab with Mushrooms and Rice

Lamb kebab is one of the most delicious and popular types of kebab in Iran, which is famous around the world.  As its name suggests, this kebab is prepared from lamb, and for this reason, it is very delicious. You can prepare lamb kebab easily and with minimal ingredients at home. Lamb meat is a rich source of protein, iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium and group B vitamins, which is why its consumption strengthens the body’s immune system and makes the body resistant to diseases

9.Arabic Kebab with Rice

Arabic kebab is one of the most delicious grilled foods with a wonderful taste and aroma, which has its own fans among people and is a very special and popular food. Arabic kebab has a soft and delicious texture and its meat melts in the mouth like sugar. The reason why Arabic kebab is delicious is that the chicken breast is soaked in a special sauce. This sauce, which includes different spices, yogurt, parsley and other ingredients, makes the chicken breast very delicious and has a wonderful taste. We suggest that you definitely try Arabic joojeh kebab once to add it to your list of favorite dishes. You can grill Arabic chicken in a pan or place it on charcoal.

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Joojeh Kebab with Bones

10.Joojeh Kebab with Bones

Joojeh kebab with bones is one of the delicious and popular Iranian foods, which is prepared with many different flavors. This delicious dish is not much different from the joojeh kebab found in the restaurants, only in this kebab, as the name suggests, parts of the chicken body such as thighs, shoulders and wings are used, which have bones. Boneless joojeh kebab is usually served with rice, while joojeh kebab with bones is mostly used as a main course, either served alone or with bread. We can make this delicious food according to our taste with various flavors.

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