What are some desserts in Iran?

February 1, 2023

There are a lot of mouth-watering Iranian desserts that you must enjoy their delicious taste. It is enough to taste them just once, then you can remember their taste forever. And there is no doubt, you cannot stop eating these delicious desserts. You can find a list of tasty Iranian desserts below.

Famous Iranian desserts

Famous Iranian desserts

1. Zoolbia-Bamieh

Zoolbia-Bamieh is definitely one of the most mouth-watering Iranian desserts that everybody will enjoy eating it. This dessert is usually served during the holy month of Ramadan, but it is available in other months too. It is believed that foreign visitors and tourists who come to Iran during the various months of the year become interested in this delicious dessert very fast and enjoy this unique dessert with its unrepeatable taste. The main ingredients of this delicious dessert are flour, yogurt, oil, baking soda, and saffron. First of all, you must combine starch and yogurt and then pour oil. When you have blended these ingredients well, you must add water, rosewater, and saffron and ultimately fry it.

2. Ranginak

Ranginak is one of the special Iranian desserts that comes originally from the southern part of Iran. It is made of fresh dates and has an amazing taste and color. To prepare Ranginak, you must first fry the fresh dates with walnuts and then fry them in flour. When you have gone through these stages, you must add butter, cinnamon, cardamom, and sliced pistachios to the combination. The dessert is now ready.

What are some desserts in Iran

3. Faloodeh Shirazi

As you can infer from the name, Faloodeh Shirazi originally comes from Shiraz. Faloodeh Shirazi is such a delicious dessert that secures its place among all the lists of Iranian desserts. This tasty dessert is very popular not only among Iranian people but also among foreign tourists who travel to Iran as a very delicious dessert with unparalleled taste. Faloodeh Shirazi may not appear to be delicious but you shall taste it to become sure of its deliciousness. You can take pleasure in these noodles in rosewater syrup, with some fresh lime juice or some sour cherry syrup or even both of them. In addition, you can also add some saffron ice cream to it if you are interested in ice cream. Its taste will be indescribable.

4. Shole Zard

Shole Zard is an Iranian dessert that is deeply rooted in Iranian culture. Most Iranian people use this delicious dessert as Nazri. Sholeh Zard is a sweet rice with an attractive yellow color that is because of using saffron in it. Saffron not only gives a very beautiful color to it, but it also adds a pleasant smell to it that attracts everyone. Besides rice and saffron, rosewater, sugar, and pistachio, and almond slices are other main ingredients of Shole Zard.

What are some desserts in Iran?

5. Sohan

This is certainly one of the most delicious and unique Iranian desserts that comes originally from Qom. This astonishing Iranian dessert is made of wheat sprouts, rosewater, eggs, sugar, butter, and cardamom, pistachio and almond. If you want to make it more delicious, it is suggestible to eat it with tea.

6. Gaz

Isfahan, one of the biggest cities in Iran is known for its delicious dessert which is very popular among all Iranian. This dessert takes its name from a plant named, Gaz Angabin. This secretes a special sap, Angabin, which is used to make Gaz. So this delicious dessert is made of Angabin sap, white sugar, eggs, rose water, almond or pistachio, or both. Gaz can be found in many different shapes.

What are some desserts in Iran?

7. Halva

Halva is a very popular and tasty Iranian dessert that Iranians chiefly make for special ceremonies. Of course, Halva is a dessert that can be found in the Middle East with different recipes, but Iranian Halva is one of the most unique ones. To make Halva, you should fry white flour a bit and after that add sugar, rosewater and saffron. When the mix is prepared they place it in a dish and decorate it with different things.

8. Masghati

If you travel to Iran, it is recommendable to taste masghati, which is one of the country’s most delicious and popular desserts. It is difficult to describe this dessert. You can consider it as a type of jelly made of water or milk, starch and sugar. That’s just one of the layers of this wonderful dessert, which is decorated with different ingredients, like pomegranate seeds and juice, saffron, cardamom and nuts.

Famous Iranian desserts

9. Qottab

These tasty desserts are very much like donuts, but with some differences. The main ingredients of this dessert are dough, and traditional almond or walnut fillings. They are made more delicious with rose water, cinnamon or cardamom, and plentifully covered with powdered sugar.

10. Traditional Ice Cream

Ice cream is a very popular dessert all over the world. There are many different kinds of ice cream in various countries. Ice cream is also very popular among Iranian people. Sometimes it is used as a delicious snack. But traditional ice cream has a very long history and is known as one of the most ancient Iranian desserts.

Famous Iranian desserts

11. Shirini Yazdi

There are lots of delicious desserts and sweets in Yazd that certainly everybody will love them. It is one of the ancient cities of Iran which is well-known for its delicious sweets. Sweets and candies are available in many different shapes and taste there. Shirini Yazdi is one of the most delicious Iranian desserts that comes originally from this city.

12. Ab Havij Bastani

Ab havij bastani is an Iranian carrot juice combined with saffron ice cream to make it more delicious. Carrot juice is a very delicious dessert, and it contains vitamin A, so most cafes and restaurants present it. It is so easy to prepare this dessert and it is very healthy to taste! The needed ingredients are fresh carrot juice and saffron ice cream. It is possible to eat it with vanilla ice cream. Some people may also prefer to add some rosewater to make it more delicious.

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