what are the employees’ favorite foods in different countries?

March 11, 2023

Each country has particular rules and regulations for employees’ lunchtime. While some countries devote short lunch breaks to their employees, there are some countries that allocate longer times to lunch. Employees in different countries also have different eating habits for lunch breaks. In some countries, the employees prefer to eat lunch with their family members at home, while in some other countries, the employees stay at the office and eat their meals there. Here some of the most common and popular foods that employees in different countries eat at lunchtime are introduced.

Employees’ favorite foods in different countries

what are the employees’ favorite foods in different countries?


It is a very enjoyable experience for Austrian employees to eat an enormous hot meal during their lunch break. Schnitzel is one of Austria’s national foods that is a great choice. It is recommended to serve this delicious dish with buttery new potatoes and a tasty green salad.

what are the employees’ favorite foods in different countries?


Feijoada is a very delicious Brazilian food. This classic Brazilian food is available in barbecue restaurants or provided by street food sellers and is best paired with rice, and some refreshing coconut water is the best choice to drink after eating it.


Chinese workers usually prefer to bring their lunch from their own homes. Otherwise, they usually purchase a “bian dang”. This packed meal, which is a very delicious and nutritious food consists of rice, fried meat or eggs, dumplings, and vegetables. Some workers in China are apparently asked to take a short sleep after lunch to increase productivity in the afternoon. Consequently, some companies will allow their employees up to two hours not to work in the middle of the day.


Crunchy baguettes filled with salt-free butter and slow-roasted ‘Jambon de Paris’ can be served as a very simple and tasty lunch in France. In addition, French employees like to eat something sweet after their sandwich like a slice of apple tart.

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German workers are interested in short lunch breaks and prefer to remain in the office instead of going to a close shop or restaurant. Canteens are good choices for a few employees willing to stay longer than half an hour away from their desks. A usual lunch in Germany is a popular fast food called “currywurst” and chips, followed by an apple and some water.


In India, lunch is considered a family affair — even if all the family members do not sit down to serve the food together. Family members put lunches in tiffin boxes for those ones who are working outside. Then they give these tiffin boxes to tiffin wallahs and they deliver them to the employees. This is a very popular and common action in India’s bigger cities like Mumbai. A tiffin box usually consists of a vegetable or lentil curry and rice or a chapati flatbread, which is chased by a cup of sweetened chai tea.

what are the employees’ favorite foods in different countries?


While workers in small cities may prefer to eat their lunch at home with their families, office employees in Italy’s bigger cities usually choose tavola calda, or snack bar, to eat their lunch. At home, employees may eat a bowl of pasta with tuna, tomatoes, and olives along with a green salad. At a snack bar, Italian employees can eat pizza al taglio. Big pizzas are prepared in sheet pans and sliced up and sold by weight thus they can purchase as much as they like.


Japanese employees only have a short time to eat lunch in the middle of the day, and so it’s significant to use fast meals. Bento boxes, consisting of compartments packed with hot and cold ingredients, and ramen are very good options for lunch and can be easily found across Japan.


The Dutch are highly interested in cheese and they consume it very much. Consequently, it is not surprising that the people of the Netherlands eat cheese sandwiches at work every day. This easy food can be served with fresh fruit like a sliced apple or grapes.

what are the employees’ favorite foods in different countries?


The Spanish people are very interested in the lunch break. They usually devote two to three hours to lunch breaks in the middle of the day. During this time, many people prefer to eat lunch at home with family and then take a nap. Consequently, lunch is usually the most enormous meal of the day for the majority of people in Spain. All the family members enjoy numerous appetizers, such as salads and gazpacho chased by small plates of a diversity of meats and seafood.


The Swedish employees not only enjoy a full lunch break, but they can also benefit from fika breaks in the morning and mid-afternoon. A fika is a short 20 minutes break and the employees can seize the opportunity to enjoy themselves with coffee, pastries, and biscuits.

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what are the employees’ favorite foods in different countries?


A “pide” has a similar style and design to Italian pizza. This Turkish food can be found in most streets in Turkey and hence can be used as a rapid food for Turkish employees.  It is usually topped with spinach and feta, or slow-cooked lamb.


One of the most common office meals in the UK is a no-frills tuna sandwich along with leek and potato soup. Maltesers and coffee are usually served after them.


Lunch in the US is very exhilarating and enjoyable with different nutritious choices. Office employees take pleasure in pepperoni pizza at their desks.  The majority of employees would rather remain at the computer during lunch break. Other favorite options include sugary chocolate ice cream, Skittles, and cola to help employees overcome the afternoon slump.

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