what is the difference between pastry flour and wheat flour?

February 27, 2023

Since long ago, flour is considered one of the most important food items that meet human needs well. The supply and production of some man-made foods are made possible by this flour. The flours are produced from ground wheat and ground cereal grains, each of which has specific properties and uses depending on the type of product. Next, we will examine the difference between pastry flour and wheat flour.

What are the most important ingredients of flour?

The basis of flour consists of starch, which is a type of carbohydrate. When we combine flour with water, a protein named gluten is formed, which helps the dough to be elastic based on the quantity and amount produced in the flour.

what is the difference between pastry flour and wheat flour?

Different types of flour

Due to the diversity of seeds and grains around the world, flours have become incredibly diverse. There are more than 30 types of flour in the world, and each person uses special flour depending on his needs and the product he wants to make.

1.All-purpose flour

All-purpose flour is produced from a much more stable texture and has less fiber and gluten than other flour. But what is pastry flour compared to all-purpose flour? The difference between these two flours is the amount of gluten. The amount of gluten in this type of flour is so much that it has moderate hardness or softness, and this flour has less fiber than wheat flour. Some cookies and bread are also cooked with this flour.

what is the difference between pastry flour and wheat flour?

2.Bread flour

Compared to pastry flour, bread flour is made from durum wheat. In this type of flour, the amount of gluten is higher and it is harder and stronger than other flour. But what is the difference between wheat flour and pastry flour? Compared to pastry flour, wheat flour is coarser, which is the reason for the presence of more gluten. Bread flour can be used in the production of all kinds of bread, some cakes and sweets.

3.Pastry flour

What is pastry flour? It is very important and necessary to be fully familiar with the characteristics and properties of pastry flour. But to know what pastry flour is, we must say that this ground flour has a softer and thinner texture than all flours and has much lower protein. This low protein in pastry flour makes the products made with this flour very soft. But if we want to know what are the properties of pastry flour, it should be said that this flour has a soft and delicate texture and is very suitable for any kind of sweets and cakes.

what is the difference between pastry flour and wheat flour?

4.Cake flour

Cake flour is very similar to pastry flour in terms of protein, and the product made with this flour is white and very soft. Sponge cakes are one of the cake flour products.

5. Barley flour

Barley is another very nutritious and useful grain that has been ground and used in the form of flour for many years. Barley and its flour are a rich source of fiber and calcium and help to improve the general health of the body. Today, we see that various factories use barley flour to prepare sweets and dietary biscuits. The reason for this is the role of barley and its consumption in preventing diseases such as obesity and diabetes, which can even be effective in preventing heart diseases. Barley bread is also prepared in different forms and many people replace them with their regular bread.

6.Wholemeal flour

Another type of wheat flour is wholemeal flour, which its natural bran has not been separated, and sometimes even has extra bran. The nutritional value of this type of flour is very high and it can be used to prepare biscuits and dietary sweets.

7.Rice flour

A very widely used type of flour can also be prepared from white rice. Rice flour, after wheat flour, is one of the most widely used types of flour, which can even be interchangeably used. The use of rice flour instead of wheat flour is due to the absence of gluten in this flour, which prevents the harm of gluten on the digestive system. Also, the presence of a high percentage of fiber in this type of flour helps to improve the functioning of the digestive system. Rice flour is much easier to digest and even strengthens the liver. Rice flour made from brown rice is also widely used and has high nutritional value.

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what is the difference between pastry flour and wheat flour?

Flour texture

One of the distinguishing points of pastry flour from other flour is that pastry flour is ground well and has a lighter texture than bread flour.


One of the most important items in the description of pastry flour is its protein content. One of the most important components of any flour is the amount of protein or gluten in the flour, which creates elasticity in the dough. The texture of sweets or cakes has different hardness and softness depending on the amount of gluten. White flour should be kneaded well, but pastry flour does not need to be kneaded much so that the cake and the product become crispy well.

How pastry flour and bread flour are different from each other?

The difference between flours is the difference in the amount of protein in them and the gluten that is produced. Bread flour has more gluten, and this makes the bread maintains its strength, its structure does not break and crumble. In addition to being crispy, pastry flour is lighter, and has less gluten, and cakes and pastries prepared from it are light and crispy.

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